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What our customers are saying about us on Google!

Amanda Feiner

a week ago –

I began researching surgeons and came across great reviews for Dr. John Kotis. I scheduled an interview with him and was immediately put at ease by Dr. John Kotis and his warm staff. Dr. Kotis answered all of my questions and was so genuine. He encouraged that I bring my husband on my pre-operation visit which made him feel included. Dr. Kotis gave me so much information regarding options available to me and about what would best suit my body. I had to call a few times with questions that would come up regarding restrictions to which Dr. Kotis personally answered. I would highly recommend Dr. Kotis to anyone wanting to see amazing transformation and perfection! He truly is an artist and is great at what he does. Thank you Dr. Kotis and staff for a wonderful experience.


Hector Cisneros

a week ago –


Was treated here for my fractured fingers back in the Summer of 16′. The Staff & Dr. J Kotis did a wonderful job taking care of me. He also did an amazing work with my surgery. One of the nicest & best doctor I’ve seen in a while.


Steve Commare

a week ago –


My experience with Dr. Kotis and his staff has been fantastic! I had a breathing problem related to a deviated septum that was causing sleeping problems for my wife and me (snoring and sleep apneia). Dr. Kotis advised septoplasty to correct the deviated septum. I going on 3 weeks post surgery and the results have been impressive! I have so much more energy that I am not napping during the day. I had no bruising around the eyes and the only discomfort was about one day post surgery with the packing in my nostrils. Following the removal of the packing my post surgery recovery was a breeze. I must say that the staff worked with me and my insurance company on getting the approval for the surgery. Working with my insurance company was the most challenging ordeal that I had to endure. I see Dr. Kotis in about 3 months for a follow up and I am expecting an excellent visit with him. I can’t say enough about how happy I am with Dr. Kotis and his staff in Arlington Heights, IL


Alex Schultz

2 months ago –


A simple review cannot do justice for what Dr. Kotis and his staff did for me. I was injured in a freak work accident and lost part of my finger. I was in a very bad situation, could not work, was not covered by insurance, and dealing with an unresponsive business owner who was not forthcoming with his insurance. Dr. Kotis went and above and beyond, taking my case very personally. He was instrumental in getting the aforementioned business owner to come forward and do the right thing. Dr. Kotis was the only person to make me feel confident and comfortable during a very scary and difficult time. His knowledge and skills are extensive, and his rapport is phenomenal. The surgery was not simple, and he had very little to work with. Within six weeks after the operation, I had regained 100% use of my hand. I am very grateful I elected to have Dr. Kotis perform the operation. You’d be hard pressed to find a surgeon with the experience and natural talent of Dr. Kotis, and I doubt you’d find any with the level of compassion.


Jennifer Moroniak

3 months ago –


They were able to get me in the next day. Discussed different options available to me suggesting what would be the best fit. He was able to do the procedure at the sane time. I am excited to see the results.