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Arlington Heights

Dr. Kotis’s number one priority is to help the patients become more in tune with themselves. Your aesthetic goals are our goals, and we will help you achieve them with the most effective and innovative techniques, technology, and products available.

We are also committed to keeping you informed and educated. We will always answer each of your questions with confidence and authority, and you can remain confident that we will build customized treatment plans that fit your situation. We understand that each patient is different, and we treat each consultation in an individual manner. We always examine the matter at hand and choose the most appropriate course of treatment. In some cases, we will recommend surgery, but in others, it may not be necessary. Dr. Kotis can offer an array of options for helping you achieve your desired results. With education, you’ll be able to choose the best course of treatment based on these options.

We are committed to giving our patients a wide range of choices that aren’t always strictly surgical. Each patient has a set of personal goals, and we wholeheartedly respect that.

Dr. Kotis and his team are up-to-date on new medical technologies and techniques, and we’ll help you make informed decisions about choosing between them. You’ll notice that we operate out of a private suite, and this enables us to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for our patients.

Countless people seek us on a daily basis for a more sculpted aesthetic appearance, and we have many cosmetic procedures that can safely carry out these wishes and help boost self-confidence. Ultimately, our treatments help our patients enjoy their lives to the fullest.

We aim to satisfy each and every patient that walks through our doors. We make every possible effort to keep our patients informed so that they can receive the best possible results. We respect your comfort and confidentiality.

Our Mission

Above all, we aim to give each patient special attention, a safe plan for treatment, and long-lasting, breath-taking results. Ultimately, we help each patient uncover a new version of themselves they never knew existed!

Arlington Heights

3443 North Kennicott Avenue,
Arlington Heights, IL 60004
Phone: 847-595-0164