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There are countless ways to customize your breast implants Chicago. From shape, size, material. Dr. Kotis will guide you through tailoring your procedure and achieving the precise cosmetic outcome you desire.

Selecting Your Perfect Chicago Breast Implants

The reality is that there is no such thing as a “perfect” breast implant – there’s just the perfect one for you, your body and your needs. That’s why it’s so important to approach your breast augmentation with an open mind – and with the right breast implants Chicago surgeon in your corner.

On this page, we’ve outlined the basics of what you need to know when selecting the shape, size and type of your breast implants. During your pre-operative appointments with Dr. Kotis, he will expand on this information as he helps you select the breast implants that are right for you.

Material: Silicone or Saline?

There are two basic materials used for Chicago breast implants: silicone gel and saline solution. Here’s what you need to know:

Here’s what you need to know:

Silicone Implants

  • Look and feel like natural breast tissue

  • Require a 1.8-inch incision

  • Maintain their shape in the event of a rupture

  • Approved for women 22 years of age and older

Saline Implants

  • Create a round and voluptuous look

  • Require a 1.3-inch incision

  • In the event of a rupture, the body will absorb the saline solution

  • Approved for women 18 years of age and older

Breast Implants Chicago


Size:Large or Small?

All Chicago women who undergo breast augmentation do so because they want to increase the size of their breasts. However, this process is much more complicated than simply selecting a cup size.

If your Chicago breast implants are not appropriately sized, you will be at a heightened risk for capsular contracture, a serious complication of breast augmentation procedures. Additionally, it’s likely that you will be unsatisfied with the results if your implants are too large or too small for your figure.

During your initial consultation at our Arlington Heights office, Dr. Kotis will talk to you about your cosmetic goals. Based on what you want to accomplish, your body type, your lifestyle and your existing breast tissue, he will help you choose your ideal breast implant size.

Shape: Round or Anatomical?

There are two basic breast implant shapes – round and anatomical – and each option has its own set of pros and cons. Here’s what you need to know:

Here’s what you need to know:


  • Available in a variety of profiles

  • Can be customized for either maximum projection or a natural look

  • No risk of rotation, which is a risk with anatomical implants (tear shaped implants)


  • Designed to mimic the shape of a natural breast

  • Often used during reconstruction procedures

  • May rotate within the breast implant pocket

Our Process

Making the decision to get breast implants in Chicago is highly personal. During your initial consultation, Dr. Kotis will spend a great deal of time learning about your motivations. He will ask you about your reasons for undergoing this procedure and he will talk to you about your aesthetic goals, concerns and lifestyle.

From there, he will show you before-and-after photos of our former patients. He will select patients who are similar to you in weight, height and skin type so that you can see the results that are possible. Based on these photos, he will help you refine your vision for your results and finalize your Chicago breast implant selections.

Breast Implant Sizing: Getting it Right.

Choosing the correct size of breast implant is a critical part of your journey to more beautiful breasts. There are several ways to get a real-world concept of how your new breasts will look.

Rice Test: This test is easy to perform. Simply get a pair of knee-high pantyhose and fill them with various quantities of dry rice or other grain. Breast implant sizes are in cubic centimeters (cc), and you can visualize how various sizes will appear on your body with these quantities of grain:

  • 30cc = 1/8 cup rice

  • 59cc = 1/4 cup rice

  • 78cc = 1/3 cup rice

  • 118cc = 1/2 cup rice

  • 156cc = 2/3 cup rice

  • 177cc = 3/4 cup rice

  • 236cc = 1 cup rice

Images and Measurements of Chest and Torso

Every person has a different body type, and measurements of your chest and torso aid in determining the most appropriate Chicago breast implant size to look natural on your body. Your vision of what you want to achieve with breast augmentation surgery is more easily communicated with visual images; bring photos if there is a certain breast size or look you want.

Dr. Kotis will show you photos of patients with a body shape similar to yours to aid you in selecting the right size of implant. Plastic surgeons don’t typically think in cup sizes, but in implant sizes, so images are used to assist in this process. Our advanced 3D animation system will allow you to visualize the procedure and what to expect.

Measurements of your chest and torso are an important part of choosing implant size and shape. A balance suiting body shape will look most natural. With many sizes, shapes, and degrees of projection in implants now available, you want to ensure you choose right. Measuring the chest and torso aids in this process. Dr. Kotis is very meticulous in this process, and precisely measures the chest and torso to assist you to choose implants in the proper proportion for your body.


Breast Implants Chicago

How much do breast implants cost?

The cost of your breast implants will depend on a number of factors – including the shape, and whether they are silicone or saline. During your consultation, Dr. Kotis will be open with you about the investment each option requires so that you can make an informed decision.

We offer our clients complete transparency. There are no hidden costs and all of our quotes are all-inclusive and reflect pre-operative appointments, post-operative visits, and anesthetic, facility and surgical fees.

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“I've been going to see Dr. Kotis for years. I first went to get my breast implants fixed. I had another doctor do them, but they ended up uneven. Dr. Kotis was very professional and helpful when discussing what would need to be done to correct my breasts. They turned out great.

"Now I go to get other facial procedures done to help fight the wrinkles. His entire staff is very nice and helpful. I'm was very lucky to find him.

— Anonymous, Chicago, IL

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