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Facial Surgery in Chicago and Arlington Heights, IL

They say a first impression can last a lifetime, but what about the impression our face gives as we continue to age? Aging, weight change, and the elements can take a toll on our face in a number of ways. From excess skin, a loss of structure and wrinkles, it’s difficult to hide aging and its many effects. Facial surgery can help to correct the issues we face as we continue to grow older. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John A. Kotis offers a variety of facial surgery procedures to benefit residents of Chicago, Arlington Heights and surrounding Illinois communities.

What is Facial Surgery?

The term facial surgery encompasses many procedures performed by a plastic surgeon that can change the appearance of the face in some way. Facial surgery procedures can aim to do the following:

  • Improve the results of disfigurement and injury
  • Decrease appearance of wrinkles
  • Provide a different structure to the face
  • Change the face shape
  • Provide renewed contour to the jawline or chin
  • Recontour the nose
  • Tighten loose or sagging skin
  • Reduce signs of aging

What are the Types of Facial Surgery?

Dr. Kotis believes it’s imperative to offer a range of facial surgery procedures in order to best help patients achieve desired results. Each procedure offered by Dr. Kotis targets a different area or problem associated with the face. Facial procedures offered by Dr. Kotis include:

Who Can Benefit from Facial Surgery?

Strong candidates for facial surgery have a specific outcome in mind. Perhaps you’ve noticed a change in your eyelids due to aging, or perhaps you’ve simply never been pleased with your nose, facial surgery can be beneficial for both. Facial surgery can also benefit people suffering from medical problems, such as impaired vision due to excess skin or sinus problems from a misshapen nose. Most individuals who have the desire to change their facial appearance to some degree can find one or more of Dr. Kotis’s procedures beneficial.

How Much Does Facial Surgery Cost in Chicago, IL?

Facial surgery does not refer to any one specific procedure, but instead, a multiple of possibilities. From lip augmentation to a full facelift, the cost can vary. Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Kotis is the most effective way to determine the cost of the facial surgery that will benefit you. At the consultation, Dr. Kotis will listen to your concerns, desired outcomes and provide compassionate and knowledgeable feedback accordingly. Dr. Kotis may suggest specific techniques or procedures to greater enhance the results of your facial surgery and inform you of the cost.

We offer Prosper® and CareCredit® financing to our patients in order to provide enhanced affordability and accessibility. We accept cash, credit card and check for payment on all facial surgery procedures. Visit our financing page for more information.

We honor written quote for procedures from any board certified plastic surgeon. Listed pricing is all inclusive – no hidden fees (includes pre-op, post-op visits and fees for the surgeons, facility, and anesthesia).

If you look in the mirror and feel unhappy with the person staring back at you, facial surgery may be just what you need. Facial surgery can result in health benefits, a more attractive appearance and a renewed sense of self-confidence. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John A. Kotis is thrilled to offer the many benefits of facial surgery to residents of Chicago, Arlington Heights, and the surrounding Illinois communities. Contact us today!