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Male Tummy Tuck in Chicago, IL

Weight loss is a great achievement, and many men want to show off their hard work. Excess skin left on the body after weight loss can diminish one’s excitement and self-confidence in their new look. A male tummy tuck procedure can rid the abdomen of this unwanted skin, giving you the perfect, muscular flat stomach you’ve worked hard to build. Dr. Kotis, a board-certified plastic surgeon, offers the male tummy tuck procedure for patients in and around Chicago, Illinois at his Arlington Heights and Lakeview medical offices.

What is a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck, also called abdominoplasty, is a surgery which improves the physique and functionality of the midsection. This procedure is performed to remove excess skin and fat, as well as to tighten abdominal muscles.

Men often choose to undergo a tummy tuck procedure to rid their bodies of the excess skin and fat standing in the way of a flat, toned stomach, despite efforts to exercise and eat healthy. Significant weight loss often leaves behind stubborn skin which doesn’t shrink to fit a man’s body; in this situation, tummy tucks are appropriate.

Best Candidates for a Tummy Tuck

Strong candidates for the male tummy tuck procedure are men in good shape, yet who are suffering from issues such as:

  • Excess fat pockets in the abdominal area which do not resolve with diet and exercise
  • Sagging or extra skin in the abdominal area
  • Loose skin and stretched muscles left following weight loss
  • A lack of elasticity in the abdominal skin

A tummy tuck is not a way to lose weight – rather, it’s a surgical procedure designed to perfect one’s physique. Patients who are good candidates for a tummy tuck are those following a healthy lifestyle.

A tummy tuck may not be appropriate if you are planning to lose a large amount of weight in the near future. It would be best to undergo the procedure following weight loss to provide long-term results.

Planning for a Tummy Tuck

Anyone planning to undergo a tummy tuck procedure should schedule a consultation with Dr. Kotis. During your consultation, he will examine your body and review your medical history to assess the factors which would put you at risk or determine the surgery is right for you. Lifestyle factors are also considered, to assess if you are able to tolerate the surgical procedure and recovery period.

Dr. Kotis will examine your abdominal area, allowing him to determine the amount and location(s) of excess skin and fat to be removed. This will allow him to create a custom treatment plan so that he may fulfill your needs. He may recommend an additional procedure, such as liposuction, which could provide you with enhanced results.

In most cases, tummy tucks are not covered by insurance. It’s best to contact your insurance carrier prior to your consultation to verify your coverage.

Preparing for the Tummy Tuck Procedure

You will be given instructions to follow before your tummy tuck procedure. This includes dietary restrictions, medications you can and cannot take before surgery, and smoking cessation. You need to stop smoking for a minimum of one month prior to surgery, and one month following the procedure.

The surgery may need to be rescheduled if you fall ill prior to the procedure. Patients will require someone else to drive them home following a tummy tuck.

Anesthesia Types

General anesthesia is typically used during a tummy tuck. If local anesthesia must be used or is preferred, patients are administered local anesthetic and sedatives during the procedure. Dr. Kotis will discuss anesthesia options prior to your surgery.

The Tummy Tuck Procedure

The tummy tuck procedure is performed by making excisions along targeted areas of the abdomen. Excessive skin and fat are trimmed away. The belly button is relocated into a new, natural position prior to the sutures being closed. Dr. Kotis may place a drainage tube beneath the skin, which will be taken out a few days after the surgery. Your incision site(s) will be bandaged.

How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Cost?

The cost of a male tummy tuck varies between patients. You’ll be informed of the cost during your first consultation with Dr. Kotis. We offer financing through CareCredit® and accept cash, check, and major credit cards.

Aftercare Following a Tummy Tuck

Most patients are discharged following their tummy tuck surgery, but in some cases, an overnight stay may be warranted. Expect tenderness and some swelling in your abdominal area for three or so days after the procedure. In most cases, over-the-counter pain relievers are sufficient to manage your discomfort.

You may feel comfortable returning to work and light activity within a week of your tummy tuck. Some patients require three to four weeks of recovery. Some light exercises may be prescribed to enhance your healing, but wait to be cleared by Dr. Kotis before resuming strenuous activities.

Dr. John A. Kotis is a renowned plastic surgeon, considered one of the most skilled in the Midwest. Dr. Kotis sees male plastic surgery patients in his practice’s Arlington Heights and Lakeview offices. If you’re considering tummy tuck, contact us today to set up a consultation.