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Otoplasty in Chicago and Arlington Heights, IL

Do you feel like your ears make you less attractive? Otoplasty, or ear surgery, is an effective way to improve your overall appearance. Our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John A. Kotis specializes in correcting unsightly or malformed ears to a natural, attractive appearance. Proudly serving residents of Chicago, Arlington Heights, and the surrounding Illinois communities, Dr. Kotis brings technique and compassion to the otoplasty procedure.

What is the Ear Surgery Procedure?

In some cases, the ear can become an eyesore. Ears may protrude outwards from the face or can suffer from areas of misshapen cartilage. And some ears simply have an unappealing shape. Otoplasty, or ear pinning surgery, alters the shape of the ear and corrects malformations. Dr. Kotis offers both pediatric otoplasty, as well as aesthetic otoplasty at his Chicago location.

Pediatric Otoplasty

Some children, due to birth defects or hereditary reasons, are born with unshapely ears. The ear cartilage may be missing in some areas, or the ears may protrude far from the head. For this reason, Dr. Kotis performs pediatric otoplasty. Once a child is four years old, their ear reaches near full size. It is at this time that ear pinning or ear surgery offers the most benefits. Parents, along with their child, may opt for ear surgery to restore a more normal appearance.

Aesthetic Otoplasty

There are many reasons the ears can be unattractive and distractive. They may protrude too far, be disproportionate with the face or have extreme stretching from gauges or earrings. To correct these problems, Dr. Kotis will make an incision on the back of the ear, hidden from view. He will then reshape the cartilage according to each patient’s needs. If frontal ear incisions are needed for more in-depth procedures, Dr. Kotis will work to conceal them in the natural folds of the ear. Depending on his patient’s needs, Dr. Kotis can create a more pleasing ear appearance.

What is the Expected Recovery for Otoplasty?

The ear will require healing after surgery. Dr. Kotis will bandage the ear with a non-compression bandage. Too much pressure on the ear could obscure the surgical outcome. This means that while patients sleep, they should also avoid placing too much pressure on the surgical area.

What is the Cost of Ear Surgery in Chicago, IL?

The cost of otoplasty can vary from patient to patient. Otoplasty is customized to suit the desired outcome for each individual and, therefore, the best way to predict a personal cost for the procedure is to meet with Dr. Kotis for a consultation. Our office happily accepts cash, credit card and check for payment on all procedures. To make the financial responsibility easier on patients, we now offer Prosper® and CareCredit® financing options.

We honor written quote for procedures from any board certified plastic surgeon. Listed pricing is all inclusive – no hidden fees (includes pre-op, post-op visits and fees for the surgeons, facility, and anesthesia).

Do you think otoplasty, or ear surgery, may benefit you? Our office specializes in personalized care, coupled with the very best techniques, to bring our patients optimal results. Residents of Chicago, Arlington Heights and surrounding Illinois communities are encouraged to contact our office today to schedule an otoplasty consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John A. Kotis.