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Revision Breast Augmentation in Chicago and Arlington Heights, IL

Revision breast augmentation can be helpful when the results of previous breast implant procedures are no longer desirable. When someone wishes to remove or exchange the implants, breast implant revision is the recommended procedure. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John A. Kotis offers this corrective procedure to residents of Chicago, Arlington Heights and the surrounding communities of Illinois.

What is Revision Breast Augmentation?

The term “revision breast augmentation” refers to having existing breast implants corrected, typically through removal or exchange. A woman’s previous breast implants may become bothersome after some time for a number of reasons, or an individual may simply want a new cup size through updated implants. The technology and techniques utilized during breast implant procedures have evolved drastically. Some women may simply want to exchange their current breast implants for a newer, more natural version. This may include exchanging a saline-filled implant for a silicone implant or changing the traditional shape to a more teardrop-shaped option.

Common reasons women seek breast implant revision include:

  • Current implant is leaking or ruptured
  • Current implant is now misshapen
  • Current implant has moved
  • Nipple malposition
  • “Uniboob” or symmastia
  • Sagging or ptosis in the breast
  • Hardening or capsular contracture
  • Infection in the breast or chest
  • Rippling or wrinkling from the implant
  • Weight change
  • Aging/gravity has changed the appearance of the breasts
  • Hormonal changes

Who is a Candidate for Revision Breast Augmentation?

Revision breast augmentation procedures are only performed on individuals with existing breast implants. If you are unhappy with your current breast implants due to medical or cosmetic reasons, you are absolutely a candidate for a revision breast augmentation procedure.

What Types of Revision Breast Augmentation Exist?

There are two main types of breast implant revision: exchange and removal. During breast implant exchange, the current implants are removed, any other issue is corrected, and new implants are inserted into the breasts. Typically, any sagging, nipple displacement or other cosmetic issues are corrected by this procedure and do not affect the new implants.

Contrary to breast implant exchange, breast implant removal simply involves removing the breast implants from the body and leaving only the natural tissue remaining. During both types of breast augmentation revision procedures, Dr. Kotis is usually able to use the existing places of incision (from previous implants), so no new scarring results. Dr. Kotis may recommend a breast lift to supplement the results of breast implant exchange or removal.

How Much Does Revision Breast Augmentation Cost in Chicago, IL?

Breast augmentation can vary greatly among patients. The cost of breast implant exchange or replacement is not the same procedure as a simple breast implant removal. To best determine the cost of your breast implant revision procedure, Dr. Kotis will meet with you for a thorough consultation. We accept credit card, cash and check for payment for all surgical procedures. We also proudly offer CareCredit® and Prosper® as financing options.

We honor a written quote from any board certified plastic surgeon. Listed pricing is all inclusive – no hidden fees (includes pre-op, post-op visits and fees for the surgeons, facility, and anesthesia).

Residents of Chicago, Arlington Heights, and surrounding Illinois communities can trust board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John A. Kotis to correct any existing breast implant problems. Contact our office to schedule a consultation today.