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Got gyno surgery from Dr. Kotis last August. I'm all the way healed and I couldn't be happier with my results. Great experience all together.

- Humble Gent

If you were botched (like me), and wondering how you’ll ever trust another surgeon again, look no further than Dr. Kotis and his team. Seriously! Just leaving my 2 month follow-up which is a critical point in my recovery, and I’m practically in tears of joy - not only did he fix the problem and give me the results I was originally looking for, but Dr. Kotis and his staff were incredibly accommodating, understanding, informative and professional throughout the entire process. Even better - they were consistent and punctual, at every single visit. The office is clean and modern, and they each take great care to push for an enjoyable experience. I will definitely return if I choose to have another procedure in the future and will absolutely recommend Dr. Kotis to anyone I know.

- Alys Richards

I’m way overdue in posting this! Dr Kotis helped me with some insecurities I had and I felt his team genuinely cared about me and made me feel heard. He was excellent about communicating my options. I did have a small issue after my procedure (not the doctor’s fault) and they took care of that for me no problem.

The facility is clean and the staff is extremely friendly! His wife, Christina, who manages the office is also lovely.

- kminwegen

Excellent job with from beginning to end process. Customer service was great and Dr Kotis was very helpful.

- A. B.

Dr. Kotis is gifted caring surgeon who has helped me achieve my goals. He truly is concerned about his patients and listens carefully. I met with Dr. Kotis in early 2020 after meeting with other surgeons. I was impressed by his credentials, his staff and his wonderful “bedside matter”.

In May 2020 I had a mommy makeover which gave me back my waist, a flat belly and beautiful well-portioned breast. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. Post-Op Dr. Kotis and his nursing staff were there to address my questions or concerns. They helped the healing process be as painless as possible. Continuing on my journey with Dr. Kotis, in November of 2020, he performed vertical Thigh plastic with inner and outer lipo. The results are amazing. I have always had “thunder thighs” no matter how hard I worked out. They always rubbed together. Well no more! They are absolutely beautiful Thanks to Dr. Kotis.


- Mirtha

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! As you know, I had my brachioplasty and lateral wall pexy surgery (I think that’s what the second one is called, LOL!) in July of 2020. I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am for the AMAZING job that you did! My arms have always been such a sore spot for me. My whole life I have struggled with my weight and with my ups and downs, my skin has been stretched and deflated so much. I had weight loss surgery in September of 2019 and lost about 105 lbs. at the point when I first came to see you. Although I was thrilled with my weight loss success and I had gained so much confidence in my physical appearance, my arms were still bothering me terribly. I felt so self-conscious about the hanging flaps of skin that were not going to go away no matter how hard I worked out to tone up my arms. Upon my first visit with you, I knew in my heart that you were the surgeon I had been searching for and that this surgery would be the answer to my prayers! I was sooo very right!!! The pain was manageable and the results are exactly what I had hoped to achieve. You were extremely attentive and I greatly appreciate how informative and caring you are and have been throughout this journey. Your skillful work has truly made my dreams come true and I cannot thank you enough for bringing so much happiness and joy back into my life!

Another key thing that I must mention is your INCREDIBLE staff!! Rose has got to be the kindest, sweetest person I think I have ever met! With all of the chaos with Covid, I have had to change, cancel and reschedule several appointments. I would feel so bad about the inconvenience, but Rose would always reassure me that health and safety are such a high priority, and that she was more than happy to assist me and accommodate for the given situation. Never once did she make me feel like I was a bother and she always uses her bubbly personality to let me know just how valued I am as a patient. Rose is truly one of a kind and I adore her. The other person of note is Paige. Her Southern accent alone makes her a winner! But in all seriousness, she has been so wonderful throughout the entire process. On the day of my surgery, Paige was calming and comforting and really put me at ease. In my follow-up visits, she was gentle while dressing my wounds and always took great care of me. When Paige would take my “after” pictures, she made me feel comfortable and I loved how she shared in my excitement about how unbelievable the transformation has been. It really meant a lot to me to be surrounded by such extraordinary women when I was at my most vulnerable time.

I have a tendency to ramble on, but it this case, it is so deservedly warranted! Dr. Kotis you are truly a great man and a gifted surgeon! From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you for all that you have done for me! Not having my flabby arms anymore has actually inspired me to work harder on losing weight and I have lost an additional 50 lbs. since my surgery. I feel so blessed to have found you and so lucky to have had this experience with you and your remarkable staff. Keep doing what you are doing because you are changing lives and making this world a more beautiful place!


- M.K.

Let me just start off by saying how amazing the staff is. From the first visit I was treated like family, I look forward to my follow up visits. Now a little about doctor Kotis he is a great listener but also is great at explaining other option that may be better . From my experience I had a broad idea of what I wanted but this was my first procedure and I wasn't 100%. He helped me make my final decision and I couldn't be happier. Rapid recovery was a dream I had no pain post breast augmentation all I experienced was some pressure like soreness as if I had an intense workout at the gym. I am so beyond happy with my results. This was my first ever procedure and this office went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. I tell everyone about how amazing my experience was.

- K.

Dr. Kotis is nothing less than amazing. I first came to Dr, Kotis with a very specific concern, after a lipo procedure many years prior left me with an unsightly patch of fat above my navel. At a fit 5'4" and 120 lbs., my only option to get rid of the area I referred to as "unsightly" was surgery. The area was small, and I was concerned that a doctor wouldn't think it was worth his time. instead, Dr. Kotis saw how delicate the issue was and treated my situation with the sensitivity I was looking for. He immediately knew what needed to be done and understood that even though the area was small and localized the problem was surprisingly complex and required careful attention to not make the matter worse. For the surgery, I chose local anesthesia. Dr. Kotis and his staff were professional, friendly and took great care to make sure I was comfortable. Going in, I knew the result I was looking for and I felt that I had very reasonable expectations, but I have to say even a short time out, the results have already exceeded what I hoped for. I could not be happier! 15 years of hiding my midriff are over and I finally have the body that I deserve! I can't say enough about the difference he has made in my life in such a short period of time. I wish I would have come to him sooner. Dr. Kotis encompasses all the qualities you hope to find in a plastic surgeon. Skill, confidence, a warm and personable nature and a keen eye for detail. He has a true talent for his field.

- K.C.

Having a flat stomach again after 2 c-sections It's miraculous. I never thought it would be possible and am SO happy I had the surgery. I was truly impressed with the entire practice from the first phone call through the entire surgical and recovery experience. Dr. Kotis is such a great guy in addition to being a fantastic surgeon. He is so caring. He took all the time I needed to answer my questions and concerns. I would recommend him to everyone and would definitely use him again for any other procedures. Thank you Dr kotis see you soon!!


I had a tummy tuck done by Dr. Kotis 8 weeks ago and it was one of the best things I've ever done. At the initial consultation, Dr. Kotis took his time and made sure all of my questions were answered and concerns addressed. Everyone on his team is warm and friendly, and they made sure that I was comfortable and happy throughout the entire process. Surgery day was smooth and I recovered well. Dr. Kotis even called to check in on me later that night. My post-operative care has been wonderful. Although there is obvious swelling, the results from this surgery are immediate and amazing, and it continues to look better every day... better than I ever imagined. Dr. Kotis is an incredible surgeon; he and his team made this whole experience so much better than I hoped! I am so happy with the results and I would recommend him to anyone.

- C.B.

Dr. Kotis and his staff are by the far the best medical professionals I have ever came across. I, myself, work within the medical field and I must say they exceeded my expectations significantly! I was so impressed from start to finish. Dr. Kotis is so professional and so knowledgeable about everything. I had a procedure done at the end of March. The healing was a breeze! The first day was a little rough but the next day I felt great. I even drove myself to my appointment the next day, which is a big deal due to me living an hour away from the clinic. I never took any of the pain medicine that he prescribed. I took about 3 naproxen (similar to ibuprofen) total over the course of my healing. He did amazing! I am so so happy with my results! Thank you Dr. Kotis for being so professional and so amazing at what you do! And thank you to your staff for being so friendly and making me feel so comfortable through the whole process!

- J

Dr. Kotis and his staff are wonderful. Professional and personable. I was extremely satisfied with procedure from start to finish!!!

- N.K.

He doesn't let you leave ugly! He'll correct anyone else's work to make sure you're glamorous. So friendly and great staff.

- P.F.

I came to Dr. Kotis because I needed a tumor removed from my back. The surgery was performed and the tumor removed successfully . He sent it in for a 2nd biopsy (first biopsy was just a few small snips and was done at the dermatologist). Because he wanted to be exactly sure what it was by performing a 2nd biopsy he possibly saved my life. It turned out to be an extremely rare tumor (356 Americans diagnosed with it yearly, so 1/1,000,000) and immediately upon receiving the biopsy results, he himself made phone calls to the best specialists at Northwestern in Chicago. Later the same day, Northwestern called me and we scheduled an MRI to be performed (looking for any tumor cells Dr. Kotis missed) and appointments made with 3 specialists. As a former practice manager for another surgeon, this blew me away. Most of the time they just give referrals and the patient gets everything set up. Not Dr. Kotis. He called and got the ball rolling while I was in his office. I was overwhelmed with thoughts and emotion and he was phenomenal. He also answered any questions I had and even helped keep my hyperactive mom calm during the surgeries (even at 34 and married, mom still had to go lol). Top notch doctor with exceptional bedside manner. Beyond that, he is genuinely caring and truly wants the best outcome for me (he asked me to please have the Northwestern doctors share the results with him, which I will gladly do). I've been in the medical field for 15 years and I can count on one hand the number of doctors that are as wonderful and personable as Dr. Kotis.

Now for the appointments and his Staff:

Appointments- everything was on time. Another rarity in the world of Doctors.

Staff- The best way to describe them (Sue, Elena, Zana) is "the gold standard". They were not only pleasant, but they also showed genuine compassion and were extremely warm and welcoming. They were all smiling and were happy to be there. I'd hire any on of them to work for me in a heartbeat.

Not only will I be using Dr. Kotis should I have any other cosmetic/reconstructive surgeries that are required, but I will be referring anyone that is in need of one to him. Everything was top notch!!!

- S.R.

Dr. Kotis and his staff were great. I had an accident which led to my right thumb getting crushed. Dr. Kotis was able to quickly setup and perform surgery on my thumb, which was a success. He then set me up with physical therapy appointments. I'm happy with the results, and my overall experience was comfortable and relaxing

- G.W.

I began researching surgeons and came across great reviews for Dr. John Kotis. I scheduled an interview with him and was immediately put at ease by Dr. John Kotis and his warm staff. Dr. Kotis answered all of my questions and was so genuine. He encouraged that I bring my husband on my preoperative visit which made him feel included. Dr. Kotis gave me so much information regarding options available to me and about what would best suit my body. I had to call a few times with questions that would come up regarding restrictions to which Dr. Kotis personally answered. I would highly recommend Dr. Kotis to anyone wanting to see amazing transformation and perfection! He truly is an artist and is great at what he does. Thank you Dr. Kotis and staff for a wonderful experience.

- A.F.

I had great experience with Dr. Kotis and his staff. They answered all my questions and provided excellent care. I was really pleased with my results with them. I went here for rhinoplasty. I'm glad I went to see him. They went above and beyond.

- U.N.

I have total confidence in Dr. Kotis and am extremely pleased with the results!

- P.P.

Was treated here for my fractured fingers back in the Summer of 16'. The Staff & Dr. J Kotis did a wonderful job taking care of me. He also did an amazing work with my surgery. One of the nicest & best doctor I've seen in awhile.

- H.C.

Thank you Dr. Kotis for the great experience and quality work you have performed on my face. You and your staff were professional and accommodating in explaining step by step my procedure. As your patient I was very satisfied with the Fraxel Repair laser. I would recommend your services, whether plastic surgery or any other services to all my friends. You are a exceptional surgeon!!!

- M.

Fantastic Surgeon and staff!! Miraculous results. Couldn't be happier! Excellent staff.

- C.L.

A simple review cannot do justice for what Dr. Kotis and his staff did for me. I was injured in a freak work accident and lost part of my finger. I was in a very bad situation, could not work, was not covered by insurance, and dealing with an unresponsive business owner who was not forthcoming with his insurance. Dr. Kotis went and above and beyond, taking my case very personally. He was instrumental in getting the aforementioned business owner to come forward and do the right thing.

Dr. Kotis was the only person to make me feel confident and comfortable during a very scary and difficult time. His knowledge and skills are extensive, and his rapport is phenomenal. The surgery was not simple, and he had very little to work with. Within six weeks after the operation, I had regained 100% use of my hand. I am very grateful I elected to have Dr. Kotis perform the operation.

You'd be hard pressed to find a surgeon with the experience and natural talent of Dr. Kotis, and I doubt you'd find any with the level of compassion.

- A.S.

It is obvious that Dr. Kotis loves what he does and was born to do it; his confidence both in his ability and limitations speaks volumes. He's so knowledgeable & sincere that I felt completely comfortable in my choice. My results are outstanding! He understood what I was hoping for: a natural look that suited by body, and he excelled. I couldn't be happier with my choice in plastic surgeons, my results, and my new look. A huge Thank You to Dr. Kotis and his amazing staff!

- S. B.

My experience with Dr. Kotis and his staff has been fantastic! I had a breathing problem related to a deviated septum that was causing sleeping problems for my wife and me (snoring and sleep apnea). Dr. Kotis advised septoplasty to correct the deviated septum. I going on 3 weeks post surgery and the results have been impressive! I have so much more energy that I am not napping during the day. I had no bruising around the eyes and the only discomfort was about one day post surgery with the packing in my nostrils. Following the removal of the packing my post surgery recovery was a breeze. I must say that the staff worked with me and my insurance company on getting the approval for the surgery. Working with my insurance company was the most challenging ordeal that I had to endure. I see Dr. Kotis in about 3 months for a follow up and I am expecting an excellent visit with him. I can't say enough about how happy I am with Dr. Kotis and his staff in Arlington Heights, IL

- S.C.

They were able to get me in the next day. Discussed different options available to me suggesting what would be the best fit. He was able to do the procedure at the same time. I am excited to see the results.

- J.M.

Dr. Kotis was referred to me by my primary Doctor for an issue that I was having with my hand that required surgery. From start to finish I was in awe of how well Dr. Kotis and his staff treated me. The level of professionalism his team displayed was phenomenal. I highly recommend!!!

- J.R.

Dr. Kotis and his staff are very professional and kind! Very happy with results.

- A.M.

Dr. Kotis is fantastic! From my initial consultation to the follow-up appointments, he and his team have been nothing short of amazing! I was referred to him by a friend and I will continue to refer patients to him. He also took his time with my appointments and answered any questions I had, even when he was out of town! I can't say enough great things about Dr. Kotis and I am so happy with my results!

- J.O.

Dr. Kotis did my breast augmentation. I went to him through a referral. I was so confused with what size I wanted. He took the time to help me figure out which size worked best for me (which took forever because I'm very indecisive!). He was professional, nice, and made me feel so comfortable from the beginning! The day of my surgery, I was so nervous, the staff eased my anxiety and made me feel great! After my surgery, Dr. Kotis answered my called immediately with questions that I had. I would recommend him to anyone! Dr. Kotis and his staff were wonderful! I'm extremely happy with the results. I will definitely be back!!

- M.E.

Dr. Kotis has helped me on 3 occasions with medical procedures. Most recently to correct a deviated septum. Each time, his and his staff's care has been excellent! The results have been great! He is easy to relate to and interested in his patients as real people. This is a rare quality in my experience. I refer people to him wholeheartedly including my daughter who will be seeing him this week. Thank you Dr. Kotis and your professional staff.

- S.W.

Back in 2013 I underwent gastric sleeve surgery. I lost 140 pounds which left quite a lot of skin in my stomach area. I made the decision to have abdominoplasty surgery (tummy tuck) to remove this skin. I consulted several doctors in my journey for this surgery. I chose Dr. Kotis to do my surgery for several reasons. First, I read many good reviews online for Dr. Kotis. Second, his staff was very nice and helpful on the phone and in the office. They made me feel comfortable right away. Dr. Kotis was extremely nice and also made me feel comfortable. I was extremely nervous about getting this done. He put my mind at ease instantly. He was very thorough when explaining the procedure and answering my many questions. He really felt I would be a great candidate for the surgery. He was right. I am very happy with my results. This surgery has greatly helped my self esteem. I would recommend Dr. Kotis to anyone. He is a nice person and does a great job.

- C.H.

I was recommended to Dr. Kotis by a friend, who was extremely pleased by his work...and I am glad I received the referral! Dr. Kotis is very professional, and explains everything in an easy to understand manner. The office staff is great - Kerry was always quick to respond to my never-ending questions, Dina (Nurse) was very friendly, professional and gentle, and the anesthesiologist (sorry, don't remember his name) was great - I am scared of needles and barely felt a prick. I am SO pleased with the results...just wish I hadn't waited so long! My only regret is that my recovery (and overall experience) was so much better than anticipated that I may be a repeat customer! Thanks Dr. Kotis!

- A.

My experience with Dr. Kotis was excellent. He spent so much time with me to understand my needs and what would work best for me. He is extremely knowledgeable and knew all the latest research and information regarding products and techniques. The staff was very friendly and made be feel right at home. I am so confident with abilities and expertise of Dr. Kotis-I can't imagine going to anyone else!

- M.L.

My breasts were uneven in size, from the collar bone to the nipple there was a 5cm difference between each side! My one breast sagged and needed a lift, while the other had a tubular component that needed to be scored. I had such a discrepancy between my breasts; however, Dr.Kotis gave me a result that is as close to perfect as my breasts can get. I received the lift, scoring, and implants. The procedure, healing, and office visits were made extremely comfortable by Dr.Kotis, I couldn't have asked for a better surgeon. Everybody in the office always tried to accommodate me and made every phone call and visit amazing as well. I am amazed and more than happy with my result!!!

- C.N.

Great experience! Dr. Kotis was professional, knowledgeable, and caring.

He patiently explained the options after accurately diagnosing the symptoms I was having with my hand. I chose surgery and was pleased with the entire process. Everything I needed to know was accurately explained for pre and post surgery. His follow up was great and he showed a personal interest every step of the way. I would recommend Dr. Kotis to anyone having hand issues or with any of his other specialties. It was great to deal with a medical professional with old fashioned values and such a caring attitude.

- G.K.

Dr. Kotis & his staff are extremely professional & willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have. My first surgery for breast augmentation was in 2010 and didn't think that 5 years later I would have to return due to a collapsed implant that was detected in my mammogram. Dr. Kotis got me in right away for a replacement & contacted the manufacturer immediately to inform them. He hadn't experienced this before with this particular saline implant & was concerned for me & my well being. His follow up after the surgery was excellent and his staff even reached out to me to check in to make sure I was doing well. I highly recommend Dr. Kotis.

- M.A.

On August 22, 2014 I severely lacerated the tip of my right thumb on a meat cutter at my place of employment. I was immediately taken to Northwest Community Hospital where I was evaluated. Fortunately I did not cut down to the bone however I did cut into an artery. They determined I needed surgery and I was sent to The Center of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Center in Arlington Heights where Dr John Kotis and his team were waiting for me. Upon arrival his staff made me feel comfortable and relaxed when I was feeling pain and anxiety. I remember waiting for a brief period to see Dr Kotis before surgery and I noticed a phrase on his office wall that said, " I treat my patients like I would treat my own family." When Dr Kotis arrived into the surgical room to see me he explained thoroughly what he was going to do. He unwrapped my thumb and I saw it didn't look good. I remember feeling worried and he saw that I looked worried and I remember his words before I was put under anesthesia. He said, "Don't worry Brian, I am going to fix you." I remember waking up and seeing my thumb wrapped up again. The surgery was a success. He wound up amputating just a touch of my thumb so he could pull the skin over and he repaired my thumb nail in the process. I thought I wouldn't be able to keep my nail but to my amazement he was able to save it. After surgery Dr Kotis set me up with one of his top hand therapists in the country. After about two months of therapy I was completely released and able to return to full work duty. My right thumb that I severely injured looks the same as my left. I place them side by side and they look exactly the same size. Dr John A Kotis and his team are consummate professionals and I HIGHLY recommend them. He truly made me feel like I was part of his family.

- M.N.R.

Dr. Kotis is very friendly, professional and caring. Both he and his patient coordinator, Laura were more than thoughtful and considerate as were the rest of his staff. My case was not an easy one, but Dr. Kotis explained things in easy-to-understand manner that helped me make the best decision for myself. The final results were amazing and attest to his wonderful surgical skills. At all times, I was treated with respect and dignity. My appointments were prompt and not rushed. I highly recommend Dr. Kotis.

- R.A.

Dr. Kotis and his staff are awesome! I injured my finger at work were I sliced the skin off a knuckle to which my bone was exposed. This had me very worried, but his personality, experience and the fact he told me he would treat me like his own son comforted me. He was able to stitch my wound closed and treat it, when other doctors said it had to just heal it self. Having this injury go through my employers insurance was a complete hassle, and his staff took care of everything. They made the phone calls, the paperwork and everything else so I did not have to worry about it. They made my situation so much better. Dr. Kotis never left the room without making sure he answered all my questions. I cannot thank him and his staff enough. I highly recommend Dr. Kotis!

- J.T.

I chose Dr. Kotis as my surgeon for my abdominoplasty for multiple reasons. First of which was his surgical pictures. He didn't have pictures of size 2 women looking to remove a very small imperfection. He had women with decent sized stomachs that needed major work. Secondly, my consultation visit was great. I felt as though he had blocked out sufficient time to talk about everything necessary and important regarding the surgery. Pre-op day was the same all questions were answered. However the proof is really shown in the surgery. A tummy tuck is no small surgery. I felt as though he really exceeded my expectations. I went from having extreme excess skin and distention of the stomach muscles to having a flatter stomach than most of my thin friends. (I'm a size 10/12). The scar he left me with is nothing more than a very fine line that I'm sure I won't even be able to see in a year or so. I've seen some horrific scars online, my scar is by far the most delicate and flat I've seen. I highly recommend Dr. Kotis and his staff. You will not be disappointed.

- H.

I have been a patient of Dr Kotis for many years. I have had 3 major procedures done by him. The last was a neck and mini face lift. I have always been happy with Dr. Kotis' work. His bedside manner is very good. Dr. Kotis is truly a perfectionist and I would recommend him to anyone. I have been very pleased with the results of all of my surgeries.

- A.E.

Dr. Kotis performed surgery on my fifth metacarpal for a comminuted fracture. His bedside manner as well as surgical skills were incredible. From first meeting Dr. Kotis, I always felt comfortable. He thoroughly explained the procedure as well as the proposed and likely recovery schedule. I would recommend Dr. Kotis to anyone looking for hand work to be done, from my own personal experience.

- A.L.

Dr. Kotis and his office staff are all top notch! Had a great overall surgery experience

- N.H.

Dr. Kotis and his staff are warm and welcoming. Dr. Kotis for being a board certified plastic surgeon and being on tv, was friendly and welcoming. I really enjoyed meeting him and his staff and look forward to more beautiful results with him!

- J.H.

My husband and I have both had the pleasure of utilizing Dr. Kotis' services and are quite pleased with our results. My husband lacerated his ligament in his arm requiring surgery. Dr. Kotis was THE SURGEON the hospital highly recommended. We were very frightened at the prospect of my husband losing function in his right hand and finger. However, two surgeries later...things have been great. While accompanying my husband for his medically necessary treatments is how I got to realize Dr Kotis was offering cosmetic and beauty treatments. A few months after my husbands treatments I too began to see the Doctor and can't say enough good things. Here is my breakdown analysis:


Walking into Dr Kotis' office is everything you would expect from a plastic surgeon/ reconstructive surgeon's office: it is clean, modern, spa-like, and comfortable.


His staff is very kind and receptive. They always greet me with a smile and thank me for my visit. Dr. Kotis is a very kind man and easy to feel comfortable around. He listens well and always offers many solutions. His bedside manner is superb.


Dr Kotis is a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. His work has been featured on the news show Doctors, Fox News, B96 radio, Local papers and several magazines.


My husband is doing good and I look great. What else is there to be said? I am quite happy with my experience and would recommend Dr Kotis to anybody

- S.N.

I went to Dr. Kotis for a breast augmentation because I previously had my breasts done in Miami to fix a problem and he did a wonderful job. I never thought I could find someone to fix my breasts after what I had experienced with my first surgery. Dr. Kotis brought my confidence back and I would definitely recommend him to all my family and friends. If your looking for a doctor that does awesome work and is very patient with his patients, Dr. Kotis is the one to go to.

- G.U.

Dr. Kotis, you're the BEST!!! You have a great team...very caring,very friendly staff, and thorough in their work. From the beginning of my inquiries for mommy makeover, he walked me through the details, answered all my concerns........I am very happy with the results. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends. Thank you so much for a great results.

- G.U.

Dr. Kotis is the best. Brought him a crushed finger and he gave me back a whole one. He is very friendly and never makes you feel rushed. His staff is very pleasant and helpful. All around a very nice experience (well except for getting my finger crushed).

- G.U.

Dr.Kotis gave me my breast augmentation 2 years ago and i am VERY HAPPY with the results!!!But that's not just all..the experience of before and after surgery with him and his staff,with all the doctors visits u have to go through,made the experience so much better!!Every one of them was so nice,great listeners,understanding,and very professional!!! I will never forget that twenty minutes B4 surgery when the neurologist was checking my pulse ,and was surprised that i was completely calm..i wasn't!!...I was EXCITED!!!Excited to have a doctor that i totally trusted,not only bc his staff was so wonderful,but bc Dr.Kotis fixes what other doctors break,really listens to what you want,and most importantly has never been sued!!!My best friend just had her breast done and a client of mine is now in the process of having hers done by him!! I would NEVER go to anyone else, he truly is the BEST plastic surgeon EVER!!!! Don't waste your time and money on any other doctor..get it done right the first time with Dr.Kotis!!! I promise u wont regret it!!!!:)

- G.U.

Really =0) w/the result , luv the friendly staff and 110% guarantee that will be returning back w/ Dr. Kotis !!!!

- G.U.

Best Decision I Ever Made

After three years of searching for a provider, I am so happy with my choice. He was so knowledgeable about tuberous breasts, and he went the extra mile to make sure they ended up looking great. This did have an added price tag but it was worth it. Tuberous breast correction involves scoring to release tissue. Additionally, he performed a lift and areola reduction and inserted 375 cc silicone implants.

My breasts are fuller, and I am very happy. It has vastly improved my self-esteem. I did experience a little scarring, but I bought a red light therapy wand and I’m using gels daily. I highly recommend anyone with tuberous breasts to get the surgery!

- rileeshea ( Tuberous Breast Augmentation )

I recently got breast implants and the whole experience from deciding on size, surgery, and post op appointments has been wonderful! The staff and Dr. Kotis were wonderful. I couldn’t have made it through without Kristy too! She is wonderful and quick to respond to all my questions and needs.

- Realself Patient

So glad I did it - the results turned out beautiful

I had a breast augmentation with Dr. Kotis and his team. It was something I had thought about for a long time - kind of a gift I wanted to give to myself after having two children and breastfeeding. I’m so glad I did it!! They turned out BEAUTIFUL and I feel like Dr. Kotis really understood my vision. For me, I really just wanted to get back to my pre-baby boobs (plus a small upgrade in size, but nothing crazy). I wanted a very natural look, something that matched my body type. He was honest with me about his recommendations, showed me pictures of his work so I could tell him exactly what I liked and did not like, and made me feel comfortable contacting him at any time if needed. I even texted him directly once during my post-op course because I had a question about my incisions, and he responded very promptly. Day of surgery was so smooth and I felt very taken care of. Shout out to Kristy for answering all of my questions, making me feel comfortable, being knowledgeable, and just having a kind presence when I was a little nervous! My anesthesiologist was also fantastic and accommodating. He talked me through everything and I appreciated that so much! Overall, I had a wonderful experience. I am now 3 weeks post-op and loving the results. I feel more confident and I’m so happy I did this for myself! Thank you, Dr. Kotis and staff!

- reserved436591 ( Breast Augmentation )

Office review - quick to respond to all my questions and needs

I recently got breast implants and the whole experience from deciding on size, surgery, and post op appointments has been wonderful! The staff and Dr. Kotis were wonderful. I couldn’t have made it through without Kristy too! She is wonderful and quick to respond to all my questions and needs.

- compassionate369788 ( Breast Augmentation )

Achieved breast augmentation results I envisioned for my postpartum chest

I’ve had a great experience with Dr. Kotis. I came in insecure and hating my postpartum/post-nursing chest. He helped me to achieve the results I had envisioned. When I was unhappy with a certain part of how they turned out, Dr.Kotis stayed true to his word and went back in to fix the issue for me. Assistant Christina was always so friendly and comforting, I really loved having her there throughout the process. I love the final results and will be coming back for any future procedures. Definitely life changing! My confidence is truly back, and I’ve never felt better about my body. Thanks Dr. Kotis!

- Sandy ( Breast Augmentation )

5 weeks post op, and I could not be happier with my breasts

I was recommended to Dr. Kotis by a friend and needless to say, I was not disappointed. From the moment I walked in, everyone was so sweet and so helpful in filling out paperwork. Dr. Kotis listened carefully to the image I had in my mind about how I wanted my breasts to look like. He guided me through the whole process and addressed all concerns carefully, making sure I understood everything and walked away comfortable. When I woke up from surgery, everyone was super helpful with anything I needed and with rapid recovery, I had no pain that day. I am currently 5 weeks post op, and I could not be happier with my breasts. They are healing beautifully and look exactly how I wanted them to! Dr. Kotis is amazing and you will not go wrong with him! Truly!

- Victoriatere ( Breast Augmentation )

Straightened dorsal hump using filler & lifted tip of nose

Dr. Kotis and team were very patient and great to work with! My concern was fixing my dorsal hump. My hope was not prominent but enough where it bothered me. They were able to straighten that out using filler and also fairly lift the tip of my nose. I am going for a follow up where it’s possible that I might be lifting the tip a little bit more. It is not a nose job, but it is definitely better than it was originally.

- Princess0306 ( Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty )

I am beyond excited with my results

I am beyond excited with my results. I am 28 years old, mom of two. My body was not the same and I was extremely insecure about it after having kids. Dr Kotis was the only doctor I went to and I was amazed at how well his work is. I had a mommy makeover back in August 2021 and I feel amazing. The TT scar is fading little by little and my breast augmentation looks great. I am so happy that after 11 years I can wear a bikini again. Thank you Dr Kotis and team. I will recommend Dr Kotis anytime.

- Inventive404552 ( Mommy Makeover )

Exceeded expectations - more confident than I’ve ever been

I had an amazing experience with Dr. Kotis. He is very comfortable to talk to, very professional, truly listens to what you want and cares. He exceeded my expectations with my surgery and made me more confident than I’ve ever been.

- Creative4364 ( Breast Augmentation )

400cc rapid recovery breast augmentation - words don’t do it justice!

I spent about 2 years doing my research, reading reviews, going to consultations, etc. I instantly felt so comfortable with doctor Kotis and his staff. He understood exactly what I wanted and made sure I got the best possible experience! I know a ton of people who had the procedure done and none of them had an easier more painless experience than I did. I had the procedure done in the morning and I was up and moving by the end of the day. He called me that afternoon just to check up on me and gave me his personal phone number for if I needed anything at all. I did 400cc rapid recovery and the results are just stunning. I have never felt so happy or more confident in my entire life. Words can’t explain the level or satisfaction I have with my choice of Dr. Kotis and his team.

- Modest422157 ( Breast Augmentation )

Nipple surgery - I was very happy with the results

Dr. Kotis and staff members were all very professional. I had a great experience. Everyone from the receptionist to the Doctor treated me as if I was a family member. My surgery went well and I was very happy with the results. Dr. Kotis is a perfectionist and tells it like it is. He will give you plenty of options and discuss thoroughly all procedures. I recommend this office.

- bsoucie57 ( Nipple Repair )

They made me feel comfortable and results were incredible

I would like to mention this is my first time I’m visiting Dr Kotis practice, my experience was excellent, from the time you walk in your greeted with an amazing staff, Dr, Kotis takes the time and explains and talks about your concerns about your procedure being done , I had an excellent technician Angelina which made me feel comfortable and results were incredible!

- Kos3 ( Morpheus8 )

Can already tell a difference - my stomach is flatter and tighter

Dr. Kotis and his staff are amazing! I had two Morpheus treatments so far and I can already tell a difference. My stomach is flatter and tighter. I'm excited to finish the rest of my treatments, it can only get better, which is awesome! Highly recommend this practice!

- Knw14333 ( Morpheus8 )

Skilled plastic surgeon - repaired my botched liposuction

Dr. Kotis is a highly skilled surgeon. He is honest, compassionate and very knowledgeable. I wanted to possibly repair a botched liposuction from Elite Body Sculpture. Plus minimize some flabby skin. Dr.Kotis explained what he could realistically, happy with my decision.

- Paradise 10( Arm Lift )

Love my results - very minimal pain afterwards

He did my breast augmentation and I LOVE my results. Him and his staff took very good care of me and made sure I was safe and comfortable through the entire process. They helped me pick out the perfect size for my frame. Very pleasant and sweet experience. Very minimal pain afterwards also which was a bonus! Would recommend him to anyone!

- Celebrated447988 ( Breast Augmentation )

Happy with my Results - procedure was quick, and recovery was easier than i anticipated

i had a great experience, he was to the point and very honest! staff was patient and kind. the procedure was quick, and recovery was easier than i anticipated, i had no issues and im very pleased with my results, i held more fat in my breasts than expected! i documented my whole experience on my tiktok @jeannaramig

- Intellectual303547 ( Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer )

One of the Best Decisions I've Ever Made..

Dr. Kotis truly cares about his patients and his work; when talking with him you can tell that he is very passionate about what he does. He is an experienced and skilled surgeon. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

- cbuttia ( Tummy Tuck )

30 Years Old 20lb Weight Loss

Dr. Kotis is AMAZING. From the moment he walked into the room for my consultation I knew he was someone I felt comfortable with. He was professional yet personable. Any question I asked he had an honest answer he didn't lead me on he informed me of what to expect and how to handle all of it. His wife is such an amazing supporter as well. The whole team is truly wonderful. Thank you for such an awesome experience.

- nkellogg ( Breast Augmentation )

Making the best of the worst

Dr. Kotis is great. I had a very unfortunate hockey accident that left my lip in pieces. The ER doc who initially stitched it up got the job done...the lip was pieced back together. Dr. Kotis was called in for a second opinion and he knew that acceptable wasn't enough for me to have on my face the rest of my life. Although I hated having the lip split again he stitched it up much better this time!! It's healing nicely. His new MA Jess did great too and his front desk staff is nice!

- paulakristine89 ( Facial Reconstructive Surgery )

46 Year Old . Much Needed a Tummy Tuck , Lower Abdomen with Some Loose Skin

The best of the best. Dr. Kotis was very professional , friendly doctor . He is magician with his hands . I love love results from my tummy tuck procedure.

- adisa (Tummy Tuck)

24 Years Old

Working with Dr. Kotis and his staff was awesome. I would personally recommend him. The great thing is, he'll talk with you and make himself available when you need him. I felt comfortable communicating with him. He's good at what he does in my opinion. It's a great place to start and went well all the way through. You'll see why is amazing when you meet him.

- userID (Rhinoplasty)

4 pregnancies and extra weight in my 40's

I had a full tummy tuck performed by Dr. John A. Kotis in the summer of 2017. I have had 4 pregnancies which resulted in displaced muscles, some extra fat, and excess skin. I was done having children and working towards better health but needed help with my tummy. I met with multiple offices and surgeons and went with Dr. Kotis for several reasons. He is focused on setting your expectations appropriately, has a wonderful staff, and was competitive in his service pricing. Dr. Kotis has a board certified surgery center and is a board certified surgeon. That was important to me as I wanted to look my best but not at the expense of my safety. He was clear about what to expect in results and recovery. A full tummy tuck is not a surgery to take lightly. He is friendly but is serious about results and safety. His staff is great. Christina supports you on any question you have from after care to billing. Nadia is kind and patient. Everyone is so nice and helpful. My results are fantastic and I would definitely recommend them.

- dtfvr ( Tummy Tuck )

Breast Implant /revision / Breast Lift. Arlington Heights, IL

I came to Dr. Kotis with big implant issues - had one implant in armpit area from two botched prior implant procedures - implants were deflated, breasts were sagging , and I had no idea what implant size I actually had in me - The results were absolutely great! Implants were placed correctly, size was was perfect for my body , and breast lift - mastopexy surgery looks great - I could not be happier with results - breasts look beautiful now

- 75melissa ( Breast Implant Revision )

39 Yrs. Old, 3 Babies with Recti Diastasis and Hernia - Arlington Heights, IL

I will forever be grateful to Dr. Kotis and his wonderful staff. I am 39 years old and have had three babies via cesarean section. After losing almost all of my baby weight; I appeared to still look as if I were 5 months pregnant. I learned that I had a severe recti diastasis (muscle separation) and umbilical hernia. I was referred to Dr. Kotis by a coworker who had recently been a patient of his. I could see that she had wonderful results, and most importantly, was very happy. After meeting with Dr. Kotis for my first consultation, I felt a huge relief. Dr. Kotis spent time answering my questions and examining me. It was clear that Dr. Kotis had my health and well-being as a main priority. It was at this consultation that I scheduled my full tummy tuck. Dr. Kotis and his staff treated me like family at each visit. It has just been a short time out of having my surgery, and I have been so happy with the results and recovery. Dr. Kotis did an amazing job. I have not felt this good about myself, both physically and emotionally, for the past few years. If you have any questions about this procedure, I’d highly suggest seeing Dr. Kotis. I would recommend him to anyone!

- ttpatient ( Tummy Tuck )

Breast Augmentation and Implants on Uneven Breasts! - Arlington Heights, IL

My breasts were uneven in size, from the collar bone to the nipple there was a 5cm difference between each side! My one breast sagged and needed a lift, while the other had a tubular component that needed to be scored. I had such a discrepancy between my breasts; however, Dr.Kotis gave me a result that is as close to perfect as my breasts can get. I received the lift, scoring, and implants. The procedure, healing, and office visits were made extremely comfortable by Dr.Kotis, I couldn't have asked for a better surgeon. Everybody in the office always tried to accommodate me and made every phone call and visit amazing as well. I am amazed and more than happy with my result!!!

- courtniels ( Breast Lift with Implants )

"YoYo Weight Struggle and 2 Kids" - Arlington Heights, IL

Have always struggled with my weight and I finally dropped the pounds. I also was never confident with the size of my chest and was always an insecurity. The mommy makeover was something that helped with both. I would do it over again, without a question. Dr. Kotis and his staff were amazing!! Thank you!

- emma5336 (Mommy Makeover)

43 Year Old Single Female - Arlington Heights, IL

My experience with Dr kotis has been wonderful. I liked him the very first time I met him. He makes me feel very comfortable and confident with his surgery. He is very thorough at explaining the procedure ahead of time so you don't have all this worry about what is going to happen. His bedside manner is great as well. He actually took the time to call me afterwards to see how I was feeling which I really appreciated. I would definitely recommend Dr Kotis and in fact I already have.

- mcdonoughs1 (Eyelid Surgery)

Needed my Breasts Fixed Due to Another Doctor's Screw Up - Arlington Heights, IL

I've been going to see Dr. Kotis for years. I first went to get my breast implants fixed. I had another doctor do them, but they ended up uneven. Dr. Kotis was very professional and helpful when discussing what would need to be done to correct my breasts. They turned out great.

Now I go to get other facial procedures done to help fight the wrinkles. His entire staff is very nice and helpful. I'm was very lucky to find him.

- lynnk323 (Breast Implant Revision)

Dr. Kotis Basically Saved my Life - Chicago, IL

Dr. Kotis was very professional and honest. He treated me with great respect and stayed in touch with me throughout the whole process.

- savedmylife (Breast Implant Removal)

Dimple in my Chin - Arlington Heights, IL

Dr. Kotis is incredibly professional, kind, and works with you and your desired needs. I would HIGHLY recommend using him!

- shannonihrke (Juvederm)

Happy Birthday to Me!!! - Arlington Heights, IL

Had been thinking about a breast augmentation for many years. Mom of 3, never really had much to begin with...but when I was pregnant, they were MAGNIFICENT! So, I wanted to get back to that level...without having any more kids. :D

Found Dr. Kotis via a referral from a decision I ever made. I am so happy with the results and services from this office. Very friendly/knowledgeable...always answered my questions without making me feel insecure.

In addition, I have had two medical professionals (both working in the cosmetic surgery industry for large scale institutions) on separate occasions provide unsolicited comments on the work of Dr. Kotis. They both said that he did an AWESOME job - his work fit my body perfectly. So - kudos to Dr. Kotis!

- illinoismom - (Breast Implants)

32 Yrs Old Mommy of 4 - Breast Augmentation - Arlington Heights, IL

Dr. John Kotis is extremely professional, knowledgeable & makes you feel at ease by answering all your questions, providing insight about your options and ensuring you are fully prepared to make the best decision that is right for your body. He was available when I had questions and went above and beyond after the procedure to ensure I was recovering fine. Dr. Kotis' personal attention and that of his staff will bring me back to his office for future work. I don't need to go anywhere else!

- jojava4 (Breast Augmentation)

Lower Blepharoplasty - Arlington Heights, IL

I had gone to several doctors for consultations before choosing Dr.Kotis. His office staff is so friendly and Dr.Kotis is very honest and caring.He won't put you through a surgery if he thinks you don't need it.How many plastic surgeons can you say that about? :) This is why i chose him.He takes all the time you need to answer questions and makes you feel 100% sure about your decision.He checks on you after the surgery to make sure you are doing well and follows up throughout the complete recovery process.I will definitely choose Dr.Kotis again for any future cosmetic procedures i would like done.I trust him completely and know the results will be the best they can be! I would highly recommend Dr.Kotis to anyone.

- pinupgirl1953 (Eyelid Surgery)

Lipo on Inner/outer Thighs, Upper/lower Abs, Flanks and Lower Back - Arlington Heights, IL It's been 2 weeks and I'm doing well. I had a great surgeon and so far I've received many comments about my surgeon doing a great job. I'm a bit swollen and bruised but had lymphatic massage yesterday which helped a lot! Looking forward to see my final results. The pain was bad for a week but today I feel good again. I had a lot done! Lost 17 lbs.

- bunz1970 (Tumescent Liposuction)

Swapped old Saline Implants to Silicone

Dr. Kotis very nice and informative. He spent a lot of time with me at my consult and my pre-op appointment. The day of surgery he was very reassuring and everyone in the office was wonderful. Christine and Eileen are both awesome. They make you feel so comfortable. Dr. Kotis is a perfectionist:: great quality for a plastic surgeon!!

- coco339

Love my Fraxil Repair Results So Far

I Had my procedure done 3 days ago and i already see differences. The docter was extremely informative regarding the procedure. I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS PROCEDURE TO ANYONE.!

- anna1979 ( Fraxel )

Friendly staff! Great doctor. Got a referral from the ER for a stitches check up. I work with a few doctors and everyone said amazing things about him and they're all true! Actually looking forward to my follow up!!

- P.F.

Dr Kotis is by far the greatest plastic surgeon I've ever met. And his staff is so nice his office is beautiful very welcoming. He's the surgeon that will do my surgery and I'm very sure the outcome will be phenomenal.

- S.O.

I love this place. Dr. Kotis is one of the nicest people I've ever met. Very knowledgeable, and extremely personable. He really cares about his patients and his staff couldn't be any friendlier.

- M. T.

After a visit to the emergency room due to a hand injury, I was referred to the Center for Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery to see Dr. John Kotis. I called the next morning to make an appointment and to my surprise, I was able to get in that same day! Dr. Kotis is AMAZING. He's very kind and explained everything going on with my hand and what the exact course of treatment was going to be. I ended up having to have hand Occupational Therapy which took place right at the office as Dr. Kotis has a hand therapist that comes in two days a week. It was incredibly convenient. The entire staff at the Center for Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery are amazing. They always have a smile on their faces and remember you by the second time you come into the office. Today, I was discharged from Dr. Kotis' care and was almost sad that I won't be seeing them... definitely says something for the office staff and Dr. Kotis.

- G.G.

I had brachioplasty done in Dr. Kotis' Arlington Heights office. I had a great experience and result. I could not be happier. The surgery went smoothly. The result is fabulous. I think the staff is professional and attentive.

- S.M.

Dr. Kotis did carpal tunnel release surgery on both my hands. My wife was very nervous about it as her grandmother had had the surgery, and it was botched. Dr. Kotis took the time to answer all our questions and put my wife at ease. Both surgeries were successful, and Dr. Kotis called that night to check on me. His staff was also very helpful in making sure I got disability leave from work. Can't recommend enough!

- J.R.

Dr. Kotis did my breast augmentation. He took the time to help me figure out which size worked best for me. He was professional, nice, and made me feel so comfortable from the beginning! After my surgery, he answered my calls immediately with questions that I had. I would recommend him to anyone! Dr. Kotis and his staff were wonderful! I will definitely be back!!

- M.E.

I saw dr kotis for male breast reduction by a referral from a friend. I was extremely pleased with the results and the treatment by his staff. I have recommended another friend at the gym to see this plastic surgeon.

- W.A.

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Dr. Kotis is a gifted caring surgeon who has helped me achieve my goals. He truly is concerned about his patients and listens carefully. I met with Dr. Kotis in early 2020 after meeting with other surgeons. I was impressed by his credentials, his staff and his wonderful “bedside matter”.

- M.

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