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With buccal fat pad removal, Dr. Kotis removes excess fat deep within the cheeks — creating a slimmer appearance, defining your bone structure, and highlighting your facial features.

What is Buccal Fat?

The buccal fat pads are fatty deposits that are located deep within the cheeks. These pads are what give young children their signature, adorable cheeks.

In some patients, the buccal fat pads remain enlarged well into adulthood, creating the appearance of a round, chubby face that is disproportionate to the rest of their features. Because the amount of buccal fat present is a hereditary issue, it cannot be addressed through diet and exercise. In order to successfully minimize “chipmunk cheeks” as an adult, some of the buccal fat must be surgically removed.

The Benefits of Buccal Fat Removal

  • Reduce lower facial fullness

  • Create a slender facial contour

  • Achieve a universally attractive heart-shaped face

  • Highlight your cheekbones and bone structure

  • Minimize “chipmunk cheeks”

  • Sculpt a more mature appearance

Buccal Fat Removal Chciago


the Procedure: What to expect

Buccal fat pad removal is done under local anesthesia and takes about 40 minutes to complete, from start to finish. After numbing the treatment area with an anesthetic, Dr. Kotis will make several small incisions inside the cheeks. Through those openings, he will locate the buccal fat pads and remove a precise portion of them.

During this process, Dr. Kotis will be conservative in his approach. Because this area naturally loses volume with age, he will be sure that enough fat remains to ensure a healthy, youthful look in the future.

Once your new cheeks have been sculpted, Dr. Kotis will close the incisions with dissolvable sutures and you will be free to return home immediately to begin the recovery process.

Quick Fact

Significant post-surgical swelling is very common with buccal fat pad removal. As such, we recommend scheduling your surgery a full month before a major event.

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Buccal Fat Removal Chciago

Your Recovery From Buccal Fat Removal

The recovery period associated with buccal fat pad removal is about three to five days.

Here’s what to expect as you heal:

  • Swelling is common and can be minimized by applying ice packs to the area

  • Some soreness is normal and can be treated with over-the-counter pain medication

  • You will need to avoid strenuous exercise following the procedure to optimize healing

  • You can return to sedentary work as soon as you feel comfortable being in public

When Will I See Results?

You will notice an immediate improvement in your cheek contour after surgery, though these results are just the beginning. Your facial definition will continue to progress and refine over time as any residual swelling dissipates.

Buccal Fat Removal FAQ:

How much does buccal fat removal cost?

The cost of buccal fat removal can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the procedure and additional services required, so it is recommended to consult with Dr. Kotis for an accurate estimate.

Are there any risks with buccal fat removal?

As with any surgical procedure, there are potential risks associated with buccal fat removal; however, these risks can be minimized by choosing a skilled and experienced surgeon and following post-operative instructions carefully.

Are there any food restrictions after buccal fat removal?

After buccal fat removal, patients may be advised to follow a soft diet initially to minimize strain on the healing areas, but specific food restrictions can vary depending on the surgeon's recommendations and individual healing progress.

Can I combine buccal fat removal with other procedures?

Yes, buccal fat removal can often be combined with other facial procedures to achieve more comprehensive results. For example, it can be combined with facelift surgery for overall facial harmony.

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Minimize round cheeks and achieve a slender, sculpted facial contour with buccal fat removal in Chicago with Dr. Kotis. Contact our Arlington Heights office today to schedule a consultation and discover if buccal fat pad removal is right for you.

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