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If you feel that your external appearance does not match your gender identity, it can be devastating. Breasts are a universal symbol of femininity and female sexuality, and a symbol that you may yearn to possess. Breast augmentation for transfeminine individuals is just one step in the process of aligning your external appearance with who you are. MTF top surgery in Chicago can allow you to achieve the goal of achieving a more feminine appearance and feeling more comfortable inside your body. Dr. John A. Kotis is dedicated to assisting you through this important transformation.

What Is Male-To-Female Top Surgery?

Male-to-female (MTF) top surgery is a surgical procedure designed to align your external appearance with your gender identity. In a MTF top surgery, saline or silicone implants will be used to sculpt the feminine curves you have longed to have. Dr. Kotis will discuss your vision for the shape, size, profile, and incision placement that will best suit your goals for MTF top surgery. Undergoing MTF surgery in Arlington Heights will be a significant step in helping you feel comfortable and confident in your body, so you can take on whatever life brings you feeling empowered, confident, and … yourself.

Why Is MTF Top Surgery Performed?

MTF surgery in Chicago is performed to help you look and feel your best, with the reflection in the mirror revealing the beautiful woman that is you. The breast augmentation used in MTF top surgery feminizes the appearance of your chest, giving you sensuous curves that are associated with the female body. Part of the process of MTF top surgery is making the decision about the size, shape, and overall appearance you envision for your body.

The Decision To Have MTF Top Surgery: It’s Personal.

While you do not need to have MTF top surgery in order be a woman, it can allow your external appearance to reflect the vision you have for your body. Even if you have always desired breast augmentation in order to achieve a feminine appearance, the decision to have a surgical procedure can come with doubts and fears.

This is completely normal. Your consultation with Dr. Kotis will include an in-depth discussion of the surgical procedure, what you need to do to prepare for the transformation, and recovery tips, allowing you to set your mind at ease and focus on achieving your dreams for feminizing your figure.

How Should I Prepare For MTF Top Surgery?

The anticipation leading up to your MTF top surgery can be an exciting time. There are a few things that you can do in order to help achieve the best possible outcome for your MTF surgery. If you are a smoker, it is imperative that you stop smoking at least three weeks prior to your procedure and continue cessation throughout the recovery process. You should prepare a wardrobe of tops which button or zip up the front. Pullover-style tops should be avoided in the weeks following your procedure in order to allow your breasts to heal properly.

How Are Implants Chosen For MTF Top Surgery?

There are many decisions to make when it comes to MTF top surgery, not the least of which is the type of implants will be most attractive in your transformation.

  • Silicone implants have a smooth outer surface, resulting in a very natural feel and appearance.
  • Saline implants are heavier with a less natural feel, and may present a greater chance of rippling, but require smaller incisions, as they are filled after being placed.
  • Gel implants, also referred to as “gummy bear” implants, have a firmer texture and are very stable, developed to more accurately mimic natural breast tissue.

Dr. Kotis will discuss all types of implants with you, as well as the size, projection, and placement that will allow you to achieve your personal vision for your body.

What Are Other Considerations Of MTF Top Surgery?

In addition to the type of implant used in MTF top surgery in Chicago, you will also discuss placement of the implants with Dr. Kotis prior to your procedure. Placing the implant under the muscle can provide for a gentler slope of the breast and a more natural appearance. Placing the implant over the muscle allows the breast to have a rounder shape at the top of the breast and may result in more “cleavage” following your procedure.

Once the decision on placement has been made, Dr. Kotis will discuss the location of your incisions. Incisions are most frequently place in the fold beneath where your breasts will be to conceal any resulting scars, although they may also be placed along the areolae or in the armpit, hidden in the fold, for saline implants.

What Can I Expect During MTF Top Surgery?

MTF top surgery is performed in our state-of-the-art Chicago surgical suite under general anesthesia. Once you are comfortably sedated, Dr. Kotis will begin the process of transforming your chest, for the feminine curves you desire. He will make incisions in the predetermined locations, the pocket for the implant will be surgically created, and the implant inserted. He will then close your incision with sutures. Breast augmentation typically takes between one and two hours. When you awake from your surgery, your body will be transformed – you will now see beautiful breasts.

What Is The Recovery From MTF Top Surgery Like?

Your greatest responsibility during your recovery process is to rest and allow your body to heal. You will experience some discomfort, bruising, and swelling following your procedure that can be managed with prescription pain medication. It is important that you not lift your arms above your head, stretch, reach, or perform any strenuous activities in the first few weeks following MTF top surgery. Most patients find they can return to work seven to nine days following their procedure, providing your work doesn’t require vigorous physical actions of any type.

Why Should I Choose Dr. John A. Kotis For My MTF Top Surgery?

Dr. John A. Kotis knows what an incredible responsibility and privilege it is to be part of your transformational journey. The most important decision you will make will be the surgeon you select to help you. Finding a board-certified plastic surgeon who has experience in MTF surgeries is a critical point in the happiness you have with the result. Dr. Kotis will attentively listen to your vision and goals for MTF top surgery and compassionately guide you on this transformational journey. When seeking a surgeon for MTF top surgery in Chicago and beyond, there is a no more warm, caring, and qualified MTF transformation surgeon than you will find in Dr. Kotis.

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