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Men who are living with protruding ears are usually very unhappy about it. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. John A. Kotis, performs otoplasty (ear surgery) specifically on men. The size, shape, and how the ears lie against the head can be an enhancement – or a distraction.

Correcting Protruding Ears in Men

Men who have lived life with protruding ears often feel less confident than they would like to feel. If you have this problem we deserve to have it resolved once and for all. While many parents take the step of getting their child’s protruding ears surgically altered so they are set against the head, not every man has been lucky enough to have undergone the procedure as a child. Adult men who live with protruding ears can experience an incredible increase in self-confidence after this minor surgical procedure. Once complete, the ears look normal, lying against the head, no longer distracting the eyes of others.

Otoplasty: Changing Ear Appearance

The surgery, medically called an “otoplasty,” is a custom-tailored procedure. The first step is to evaluate your ears to determine the most effective way to surgically alter the structure for the long term. Some of our male patients will need to have a section of cartilage removed.

Some have protruding ears due to a genetic condition in which the fold (called the antihelical fold) does not exist and can be created surgically. Bowl-like ears lack this fold. The right procedure will produce a result that lasts a lifetime. Some men do not like some other aspect of their ears, such as overlarge lobes, which can be reduced to a more attractive size and shape.

Ear Surgery Procedure

The procedure varies, depending upon what the specific patient needs. Ear surgery typically involves:

  • You will be given local anesthetic to keep you comfortable during the procedure.

  • The surgery will begin, and typically involves removing some cartilage, but not in all cases. It is not considered effective to try to correct prominent ears with only the use of sutures, particularly for adult men who tend to have harder ear cartilage.

  • The surgery typically requires about an hour to complete, with results visible immediately.

Ear Surgery Procedure

The procedure varies, depending upon what the specific patient needs. Ear surgery typically involves:

Botox® Procedure Recovery

There is virtually no recovery period following a Botox® procedure. Many patients have the procedure performed and return to work or normal activities right afterwards. Avoid rubbing the face as well as extensive exercise immediately following the procedure. If you experience swelling or discomfort, apply an ice pack to the affected area.

Causes of Prominent Ears

Most protruding ears are the result of genetics, inherited from another family member. In some cases, one ear protrudes more than the other. These issues are usually noticeable at birth, but not all parents did something for their children to resolve the condition. Men are often interested in the procedure, as they don’t have the option of covering the ears with a certain hairstyle, and the protruding ears are always a noticeable flaw.

The ears are on a framework of cartilage, a natural material that bends, similar to the qualities of plastic. During the growth of a baby, the ear structure comes into existence, but in some cases the antihelix – where the ear folds – did not develop as it normally and is missing the fold that allows the ears to lay against the head.

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Dr. John A. Kotis is a renowned plastic surgeon, considered one of the most skilled in the Midwest. Dr. Kotis sees male plastic surgery patients in his practice’s Arlington Heights and Lakeview offices. If you’re considering Botox®, contact us today to set up a consultation with Dr. Kotis.

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