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Breast Lift Chicago

And Arlington Heights, IL

Are you frustrated because your breasts don’t look like they used to anymore?

Weight change, pregnancy or just time can make the breasts seem saggy or droopy on the body. The breast lift Chicago procedure is a safe, effective way to correct the breasts into a firmer, higher position. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John A. Kotis is proud to offer his vast experience in breast lift procedures to residents of Chicago, Arlington, and the surrounding Illinois communities.

What is A Breast Lift?

A breast lift procedure, or mastopexy, eliminates sagging and drooping breasts. Ptosis, or breast sagging, can be caused by gravity, aging, breastfeeding and other factors. During a breast lift, Dr. Kotis removes excess tissue from the breast and repositions the breast to a higher position.

During a breast lift Chicago, Dr. Kotis may also minimize the size of the areola. A breast lift may be combined with other breast augmentation procedures.

Types of Breast Lifts

The types of breast lifts may vary according to each case. Patients can choose between a periareolar mastopexy, a vertical mastopexy or a Weiss pattern procedure.

Periareolar Mastopexy

A periareolar mastopexy reduces the size of the breast and creates new breast contours. An elongated breast is lifted and resized for a rounder profile. Incisions are usually made around the areola or the darkened area of the breast. This procedure offers patients the most subtle results.

Vertical Mastopexy

is another option available for patients. The vertical mastopexy can improve more moderate ptosis, or drooping, and can reduce the size of the areola. As opposed to the periareolar mastopexy, incisions are made around the areola, down towards the breast crease. The results of a vertical mastopexy are more dramatic than a periareolar mastopexy.

Weiss Pattern Mastopexy

includes a larger incision; the incision goes around the areola and beneath the breasts. The breast is lifted and retains a teardrop shape. Patients with more noticeable drooping and breast tissue benefit most from this procedure and are able to experience more dramatic results.

Crescent Lift

A crescent lift procedure, medically-termed a partial mastopexy, is the appropriate surgical procedure for women with mild sagging (Grade 1 ptosis) who are seeking a subtle lift for a more youthful look. This is often a good procedure for women who experience minor sagging after breastfeeding a baby. The procedure involves removing a crescent-shaped section of skin from above the areola, thus raising the nipple. A breast implant can also be placed in this procedure. The incision will then be closed with absorbable stitches along the border of the areola so the scar is virtually invisible once healed.

Breast Lift Before & After Photos

Breast Lift Chicago
Breast Lift Chicago
Breast Lift Chicago


Recovery: Breast Lift Chicago

After a Chicago breast lift procedure patients will receive care instructions for their recovery process. Patients should arrange for a friend or family member to drive them home from our Chicago surgical facility.

After Dr. Kotis performs a breast lift, patients may notice swelling and redness around incisions. Supportive garments and bandages will improve the healing process.

Directly Following Surgery

When you awaken after surgery, your breasts will be covered with bandages and a surgical bra to help reduce swelling and support your breasts as they heal. It is normal to experience some discomfort, which is managed with prescription pain medication in the early stages. You will need to be driven home, where you will want to rest for the rest of the day. It is important to walk around after surgery, as this aids in blood circulation and reduces the risk of clots. No lifting (including children or pets) or other actions that will put stress on the incisions. You must not lift your arms above your head during this period, including washing your hair

One Week Following Surgery

One week after surgery, you should be able to return to work, although some patients will need more time; every person heals at a different rate. You will still be under restrictions regarding physical activity and cannot yet begin vigorous exercise. Your breasts will still be swollen, and some bruising is normal.

Two to Four Weeks Following Surgery

While you are now feeling more like yourself, you may still feel tired and may need more sleep. Your body needs to use energy to heal. Your breasts will be settling into position during this period. The discomfort will be less, but you will need to be alert and avoid physical actions that result in pain. Most people can return to their normal exercise routine after about the fourth week but should avoid motions or stresses that bring discomfort. Some people report increased swelling after exercise which diminishes within a few hours. The sensation should be returning to the breasts, or they may be extra-sensitive, which will normalize over time.

Three to Four Months Following Surgery

It requires several months for your breasts to settle into place fully. About the three to four-month mark, your breasts are showing the final result of your surgery, looking healthy, plump, and youthful. It is time to start enjoying your life, wear revealing clothing if you choose to, and engage in more aggressive physical activities, including swimming, hiking, surfing, vigorous workouts, golfing or other similar activity safely. The incision scars will now be fading and should be a light pink in color.

How much Does a Breast Lift Cost in Chicago?

Scheduling a consultation at our office is the best way to predict the breast lift cost in Chicago. Dr. Kotis is one of the only regional doctors to offer personal consultations with each and every prospective patient. While the breast lift cost itself can vary among patients, Dr. Kotis proudly offers financing plans to make procedures more financially realistic for everyone.

Our office accepts cash, check, credit card and proudly offers financing options. To learn more about financing a breast lift procedure, visit our insurance page.

See Testimonial From a Patient of Dr. Kotis

“I would like to acknowledge the excellent work of Dr. Kotis. I had lost over 50 pounds and experienced excessive skin in the abdominal and breast areas. I was very happy about my weight loss but so disappointed in the saggy just skin breasts that I now acquired. I not only lost fat but breast mass too. I went to my regular doctor who told me that that's just the way you are and there was nothing but cosmetic surgery to correct the problem I was experiencing. I interviewed four different physicians who were board certified which included Dr. Kotis.

Dr. Kotis was the most congenial and honest person out of all of them. He explained my problem and offered his recommendations to me. He gave me time to think about the procedures without being pressured. I decided on abdominoplasty, mini tummy tuck to correct the extra skin on my abdominal area, and breast augmentation, to replace the breast mass that I had lost through weight loss. I was well taken care of by Dr. Kotis and his outstanding staff. I am so pleased and excited with the way I turned out! I can now wear a two-piece bathing suit!! It's been over 15 years since I wore one! I get compliments from not only family and friends, but also from people I do not even know. This has been the best life changing experience for me. Dr. Kotis is the BEST! Thank you for being an excellent surgeon and performing quality work!

— E.C., Chicago, IL

A breast lift may be best utilized if packaged with other procedures:

It may be the best utilization for you, both financially and for an overall look, to package your breast lift within a full mommy makeover procedure which Dr. Kotis specializes in delivering.

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If you’re unhappy with the change in your breasts, schedule a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon to learn if a breast lift is right for you. Residents of Chicago, Arlington and the surrounding Illinois communities can contact our office today to learn more about Dr. Kotis’s professional, compassionate approach to this procedure.

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Breast Lift Chicago

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