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Is natural fat transfer a better choice than implants for breast augmentation?

It is generally felt that injecting fat from other areas of the body into the breasts for the purpose of augmentation is not the best choice for breast augmentation in Chicago. Up to 50 to 65% of injected fat will be reabsorbed by the body, meaning that only a small amount (statistically half or less than half) will successfully survive the injection. This mean that while fat transfer breast augmentation may be suitable for correcting minor asymmetries or making very small changes in breast size, it may not be the best choice when considering your options for breast augmentation.

How does Breast Augmentation surgery affect pregnancy and breastfeeding?

In general, there are no complications associated with breast implants during pregnancy, so you can rest assured that your voluptuous new breasts will not negatively impact the safety of your pregnancy. Most women will be able to breastfeed following breast augmentation. There are exceptions of course; some women are naturally unable to breastfeed and there are variations in the breast tissue that will make breastfeeding following breast augmentation very difficult. These instances are the exception rather than the rule.

Do my breast implants ever need to be replaced?

There are myths about breast augmentation that implants will need to be replaced 10 to 12 years following your initial surgery. While it is impossible to guarantee the lifespan of a specific breast implant, your breast implants should not need to be replaced unless an issue arises. Your breast implants to not carry an expiration date, and implants do not need to be replaced after a certain number of years.

Can I lose sensation in my breasts following a breast augmentation?

It is possible that sensation in your breasts and nipples will either increase, decrease, or stay the same following breast augmentation. Breast sensitivity is a very personal thing, and the sensation varies greatly from woman to woman. Immediately following your breast augmentation surgery, you may find that the sensation in your nipples has decreased.

This is usually temporary, and sensation will begin to return as your body heals. However, you should also be aware that when sensation initially returns to the nipple it can be extremely sensitive. This is also typically a short-term situation, simply the response of your nervous system as your nerve pathways begin to heal from the trauma of surgery. For most women, it will be approximately 6 to 12 months before you will experience a stable level of sensitivity following breast augmentation surgery.

What are the risks associated with breast augmentation?

Just as with any surgery, there are risks associated with choosing to have breast augmentation. Asymmetry, loss of or increase in sensation, scarring, implants displacing from their original position, and tearing of the breast tissue are all possible complications. Risks of a more serious nature include adverse reactions to anesthesia, bleeding, and/or infection.

Long-term complications include implant rupture, leaking, or deflation which would require surgery to remove the old implant and replace it with a new one. There is also a risk that the implant will harden due to what is known as capsular contracture, in which the capsule that contains the implant scars and constricts.

Why should I choose Dr. Kotis for breast augmentation?

Dr. Kotis is one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons in Chicago due to his artistry in and mastery of the process of breast augmentation in Chicago. Whether you are seeking a first-time breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, or breast revision, Dr. Kotis seeks to create breasts that not only compliment your physique, but also look and feel as natural as possible.

One of Dr. Kotis' core values is to treat his patients like family. This means that you will receive an unparalleled level of care and attention, ensuring that you are completely comfortable with your decision to pursue breast augmentation. Dr. Kotis possesses a talent and artistry for creating symmetry and beauty in the creation of your new, voluptuous figure. He will guide you through the process every step of the way.

Dr. Kotis will create a personalized breast augmentation plan for you that will help you achieve a more attractive, balanced, curvaceous body. After a careful analysis of your body type and a thorough discussion of your own personal goals, Dr. Kotis will explain each step you will take to help ensure a high level of confidence in the journey ahead, and what to expect.

Our Approach: Personal Care Beyond the Ordinary

Your relationship with your board-certified plastic surgeon is of the utmost importance. Dr. Kotis' personal care will set your mind at ease so you may focus on what is most important: achieving the shapely new breasts you have always dreamed of. His results speak for themselves. Let Dr. Kotis show you the gallery of women he has already helped to achieve their ideal bodies. His patients report that the results of breast augmentation are life-changing – they feel confident in body image, and empowered in all facets of life, from the most personal to a career. It feels great to have the body you want, and we can help.

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