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Inverted nipples point inward, rather than protruding outward. Fortunately, they can be corrected with a minor, virtually painless procedure.

The Challenges Of Nipple Inversion

Although nipple inversion is a painless, mostly benign condition, it can result in a distorted, asymmetrical breast appearance. As such, it causes distress and embarrassment for many women.

In addition, the structure of the nipples can make breastfeeding difficult. It’s possible to nurse, but your baby may have a challenging time latching on and milk flow may be affected.

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Nipple Repair Chicago


Nipple Repair

Why do my nipples point inward?

Nipples become inverted due to the structure of the nipple, the surrounding skin, and/or the underlying tissue.

In most cases, the milk ducts themselves are naturally too short, which prevents the nipple from protruding. Other women develop the condition after pregnancy, as breast tissue dissipates and the nipples are drawn inward.

Frequently asked questions

Nipple Repair Chicago


Did You Know?

Around 2 percent of the female population experiences some degree of nipple inversion.

  • Comfortable 30-minute procedure

  • Done under local anesthesia

  • You can return to work the next day

  • Side effects include mild swelling and discomfort

Are You A Candidate?

You may be considered a candidate for inverted nipple repair if you:

  • Are at least 18 years of age

  • Were born with inverted nipples or developed the condition due to breastfeeding or a physical trauma

  • Are not currently breastfeeding or pregnant

The Procedure

The only way to permanently fix inverted nipples is with a procedure known as “nipple repair.” It is done under local anesthesia and takes about 30 minutes to complete.

To perform this surgery, Dr. Kotis will create a small incision under the nipple, along the bottom edge of the areola. Through that opening, he will cut the shortened milk ducts, releasing their hold on your nipples. He will then place dissolvable sutures in the area to hold your nipples in place and prevent them from retracting again.

Your Recovery

After your procedure, it’s common to experience some swelling and minor discomfort. These effects should disappear quickly and can be easily managed with prescription pain medication.

In about two weeks you will need to return to our office so that Dr. Kotis can check on your healing progress. If your nipples have maintained their shape after 12 weeks, it’s unlikely that they will become inverted again.


Nipple Repair

Can I breastfeed after a nipple repair procedure?

Although surgery will fix your nipple inversion, cutting the milk ducts will also prevent you from breastfeeding in the future. As such, you should be done having children and nursing prior to having your inverted nipples corrected.

Frequently asked questions

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With a simple, straight-forward procedure, Dr. Kotis can correct inverted nipples and create a natural protruding appearance. Contact our Arlington Heights office today to schedule a consultation and begin planning your surgery.

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Nipple Repair Chicago

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