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Many people struggle with nasal problems that impact quality of life. These issues can be surgically corrected via a procedure called a “functional rhinoplasty.” This surgery is performed to address problems with external or internal structures of the nose. The inner structures of the nose impact healthy breathing and can be surgically corrected to improve quality of life. This procedure can address and resolve:

  • Obstructed breathing

  • Sleep apnea

  • Frequent infections

  • Trauma injuries (sports, accidents, etc.)

  • Birth defects

  • Deviated septum

  • Nasal valve stenosis

  • Enlarged turbinates (ridges in the inner nose structure that function to warm and moisturize air)

  • Punctures in septum (The inner structure that divides the nose into two halves)

Diagnosing Functional Problems

The initial step in treatment is to correctly diagnose the problem so a correct treatment plan can be established. Many different structural problems can lead to similar symptoms; the interior structure of the nose must be fully evaluated to determine the underlying reason for the symptoms.

In some cases, an exterior portion of the nose can be the problem, such as a drooping tip and can impact healthy breathing. In other cases, the source of the problem will be identified as a deviated septum or enlarged turbinates. Some patients may be experiencing breathing problems due to allergies or infections. Our full evaluation of your condition will allow us to determine how to best treat the functional problems you are experiencing.

Surgery: Functional Rhinoplasty Procedures

The surgical procedure employed will be based upon the specific needs of the patient, and can be one of the following (or a combination of corrective procedures):


This procedure straightens the septum (the partition between the two sections of the inner nose structure). The septum may have been damaged by trauma, such as a broken nose. The outer structure may also need to be corrected to straighten the appearance of the nose, performed in the same surgery.

Damage from an earlier rhinoplasty

Some patients have had a cosmetic alteration of the nose that was too aggressive, causing problems in breathing.

Age-related correction

The external nasal valves may narrow with age as the structures weaken, leading to breathing obstruction and additional symptoms such as heavy snoring or mouth breathing, which can be corrected surgically for improved quality of life.

Customized surgery for nose injuries and trauma

An accident that impacted the nose structure may have damaged the internal or external structure of the nose, which can be repaired with a customized surgical plan.

Nasal Valve Damage

The nose structure can be damaged due to impact or from a previous nose surgery. When this has occurred, breathing problems can arise, including trouble breathing enough air through the nose, or while performing vigorous activities. The nasal valves function to limit the quantity of air entering the interior structure of the nose.

Called “vestibular stenosis,” the nasal valves can collapse, restricting airflow. This can be corrected by one of several surgical procedures, chosen to address the underlying cause of the problem – and may include cartilage grafts to fortify the structure. Dr. John A. Kotis is a skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeon and known for his exceptional talents in correcting nose flaws, both functional and cosmetic.

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Functional Rhinoplasty Chicago

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