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Many women dream of having larger breasts, but shy away from breast enhancement with implants - traditional method of a Chicago breast augmentation. Fat transfer breast enhancement makes it possible to increase the size of your breasts safely – with your own fat cells! The fat is carefully extracted with a specialized PAL (power assisted liposuction) technique, then purified and injected in the breasts to create plumper, fuller breasts that are soft and natural.

The Fat Transfer Procedure

The procedure has several steps. The first is to identify the ideal site from which to harvest fat cells, typically the tummy, thighs, or love handles (flanks). The fat is extracted with a specialized liposuction technique called PAL (Power Assisted Liposuction). This system allows the fat cells to be extracted with minimal damage to maintain viability. Once extracted, the fat is purified so only the pure fat cells remain.

The second step of the process involves injecting tiny quantities of fat into the breast with a cannula, a tiny hollow needle. The fat is injected into the existing fatty tissue in the breast, so it can flourish in the new location for natural breast enlargement.

Ideal Candidates for Fat Transfer Breast Enhancement

The candidates for this procedure are women who are not seeking a significant enlargement, but a subtle increase in volume. As the fat injected into your breasts comes from your own body, this procedure has almost no risk of rejection. Good candidates for the procedure are in the following condition:

  • Have sufficient excess fat in another body area to harvest

  • Have lost breast volume after breastfeeding

  • Previously had breast implants and want to replace with natural fat

  • Have asymmetrical breasts that you want evened

  • Are generally healthy and don’t smoke

Breast Enhancement

with Natural Fat Transfer

This procedure is becoming a popular option for women who want to opt for a more natural way to enhance breast size. The benefits include:

  • Creates a subtle increase in breast size

  • Restores lost volume after weight loss or breastfeeding

  • Corrects asymmetrical breasts

  • Adds subtle volume for plumper breasts

  • Can be an aid in breast enhancement with implants, or breast reconstruction

  • Added benefit of slimming another body area

  • Virtually scar-free

  • Natural – no foreign material implanted in body

  • No risk of rejection – it is your own fat

  • No implants

Fat Grafting to Enhance Implants

Some women choose to have fat grafting to enhance the look and feel of implants. For thinner people who are undergoing breast enhancement in Chicago, added natural fat can provide a layer that makes new breasts look and feel more natural. This added procedure can also benefit women undergoing breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.

Recovery from Breast Enhancement with Natural Fat Transfer

The recovery from the procedure, it is normal to experience minor bruising and swelling. These symptoms disappear quickly. Most people can return to work and other daily activities within a week to ten days but should avoid more vigorous activities for several weeks. The swelling will slowly diminish, leaving your breasts fuller, plumper, and feeling soft and natural.

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