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The lower abdomen is notoriously resistant to diet and exercise. If you have a stubborn “pooch” that refuses to budge with diet and exercise, a mini tummy tuck Chicago with Dr. Kotis can sculpt this tough-to-tone area.

What is a Mini Tummy Tuck?

The mini tummy tuck procedure is a version of abdominoplasty which only targets the lower part of the abdomen. In a regular abdominoplasty, the entire abdominal region is targeted and reconstructed during the surgery. However, it is common for the lower abdomen to be much more problematic than the entire abdomen for a variety of reasons. First, this region is especially difficult to target with regular exercises and often goes unnoticed. Second, a variety of factors may contribute to an unattractive lower abdomen including excess skin from pregnancy or weight loss or just sagging due to the aging process.

The Benefits

of a mini approach

There are a few distinct benefits to having a mini tummy tuck instead of the full tummy tuck Chicago version. They include:

  • Smaller incisions + more discreet scars

  • No need to reposition the naval

  • Shorter recovery time

  • Many patients can be considered candidates

Are You A Candidate?

Mini Tummy Tuck

If you’ve developed a stubborn, lower belly “pooch” due to pregnancy, substantial weight loss or the natural aging process, the mini tummy tuck may be right for you.

In general, you will be considered an ideal candidate if you are:

  • In good general health

  • Close to your ideal body weight

  • Not planning on becoming pregnant

  • Interested in addressing excess flab and skin beneath the belly button only

The Procedure

What to expect

Dr. Kotis will perform your mini tummy tuck under general anesthesia, which means you will be unconscious during the experience. The procedure typically takes around 90 minutes to complete.

To begin, Dr. Kotis will create a small incision along the bikini line. Through that opening, he will remove unwanted fat and tighten lax muscles in the area.

He will then stretch your remaining skin downward, close the incisions with sutures, and trim away any excess tissue.

Because only the lower abdomen is addressed with this mini tummy tuck Chicago procedure, Dr. Kotis will not need to reposition your naval. However, in some cases he may perform liposuction simultaneously to help shape your stomach into an ideal contour.

Mini Tummy Tuck Before & After Photos

Mini Tummy Tuck Chicago
Mini Tummy Tuck Chicago

How Does A Mini Tummy Tuck Work?

During the mini tummy tuck Chicago procedure, Dr. Kotis will make an incision and remove excess fat and skin from the targeted area. Once excess skin and fat are removed, the skin will be pulled taut over the area, and sutures will close the incision and hold the tightened skin in place. The procedure is relatively short and typically takes only an hour or two. Results are visible immediately, but will continue to develop over the next few months from this tummy tuck procedure.

Who Is
a Strong Candidate for a Mini Tummy Tuck?

If you are unhappy with the look of your abdomen, it is best to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kotis. At the consultation, Dr. Kotis will help you determine if a Chicago abdominoplasty or mini tummy tuck would be more appropriate for achieving your desired results. Strong candidates for a mini tummy tuck in Chicago will be close to his or her ideal weight, finished having children and in good health. The mini tummy tuck results are optimally observed in individuals with excess skin or wrinkling in the region underneath the belly button. Most candidates cite weight loss or pregnancy as the initial factors that contribute to his or her frustration with this region.

How Much Does the Mini Tummy Tuck Cost?

Mini Tummy tuck costs in Chicago will vary depending on the extent of surgery. This procedure can vary among patients and is different depending on the desired outcome.

At a consultation with Dr. Kotis, he will listen to your goals, make suggestions for the procedure accordingly and give you an estimated tummy tuck cost for the agreed upon procedure. Our office proudly offers financing options and accepts cash, credit card and check for payment. Visit our financing page for more information.

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Mini Tummy Tuck Chicago

After your Mini Tummy Tuck

Your recovery

When you awaken from surgery, you will be taken to the recovery room so that we can monitor you closely and ensure your safety. You should be free to return home within a few hours.

During the early days of recovery from your mini tummy tuck, it’s important to:

  • Take your pain medication as prescribed to manage any post-operative discomfort

  • Begin walking gently around the house as soon as possible

  • Wear your compression garment as directed to support your new contours

  • Avoid strenuous activity and heavy lifting for several weeks

Although your individual timeline will vary, most of our Chicago patients are able to return to sedentary work within one week of their mini tummy tuck procedure.

Mini Tummy Tuck Chicago FAQ:

After a mini tummy tuck, will people be able to see my scar?

A mini tummy tuck involves smaller incisions, and more discreet scars, which are placed just above the pubic area. This small scar is invisible when wearing a bikini or low-cut panties. As the navel is not repositioned in this procedure, the incisions are much smaller, and the surgery requires a shorter recovery time.

What should I expect during the mini tummy tuck procedure?

A mini tummy tuck involves removing excess skin and tissue from the lower abdomen. You will be under general anesthesia and will not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure, which requires about one to two hours to complete. While you are unconscious from the anesthesia, our mini tummy tuck plastic surgeon will make a small incision at the bikini line. Once the incision is made, excess fat will be removed, and loosened or separated muscles tightened, and excess skin removed (often the location of most of stretch marks). When necessary, some excess fat may be removed with liposuction during the procedure.

How long will the results of a mini tummy tuck last?

As long as you maintain a healthy weight and live a healthy lifestyle, including exercise, your results will last for years. If you gain a significant quantity of weight or become pregnant, the results will be affected, as the skin, muscles, and tissues will once again stretch. Essentially, this change is for a lifetime if you take care of yourself and avoid gaining weight.

What are the benefits of a mini tummy tuck?

One of the great benefits of a mini tummy tuck is that the incision is smaller and lower on the body. The recovery time is typically shorter. This mini tummy tuck Chicago procedure is often appropriate for those who do not have a larger quantity of excess fat, tissue and skin on the abdomen. A full tummy tuck involves moving the location of the belly button, but a mini tummy tuck does not require this added step. Only the lower abdomen is addressed in a mini tummy tuck procedure.

ScheduleA Mini Tummy Tuck Chicago Consultation

A mini tummy tuck is a simple procedure that yields incredible results. Contact our Chicago office today to schedule an initial consultation and discover what this surgery can do for you.

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Mini Tummy Tuck Chicago

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