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Eyelid surgery – also known as blepharoplasty – is done to correct excess, wrinkled skin in the delicate eye area.

A Beautifully Rested Expression

Sagging skin around the eyes can impair vision and create a perpetually sad and tired appearance. Eyelid surgery is designed to correct all of these issues and more – restoring the bright and well-rested expression of your youth.

The Benefits

  • Improve the overall appearance of your eyes

  • Remove excess skin on the upper eyelids

  • Correct excessive under eye puffiness

  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles

  • Remove heavy bags under the eyes

  • Restore a youthful and alert expression

Did You Know?

Eyelid surgery can be performed on its own or alongside a complementary procedure. Many of our Chicago patients elect to have eyelid surgery along with a brow lift or a facelift for a comprehensive transformation.

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Eyelid Surgery Chicago

The Procedure:

What to expect from eyelid surgery with Dr. Kotis

  • Beautiful, youthful eyes

  • Results that endure for years

  • Scarring that is hidden within the natural contours of your eyes

Dr. Kotis performs eyelid surgery under general anesthesia and offers three distinct techniques: upper, lower and transconjunctival. Depending on the extent of your aging skin, you may require just one of these procedures, or a combination of them.

Here’s a closer look at your options:


This procedure focuses on enhancing the upper eyelids only. During surgery, Dr. Kotis will create a small incision hidden within the upper eyelid crease. Through that opening, he will remove fat deposits, tighten lax muscles, and trim away excess skin to restore an open and well-rested expression.


Lower eyelid surgery is done to reduce the appearance of bags or sagging skin beneath your eyes. During this procedure, Dr. Kotis will make an incision hidden in plain sight, along the lower lash line. Through that opening, he will remove puffy bags, smooth wrinkles and trim away excess skin to create a youthful look.


A transconjunctival approach is an alternative to the traditional lower eyelid procedure. The incision is made inside the eyelid, so it is completely hidden from view. Through that opening, Dr. Kotis can remove and redistribute excess tissue – but he cannot address excess skin.

Ear Surgery Before & After Photos

Eyelid Surgery Chicago
Eyelid Surgery Chicago

Your Results

After eyelid surgery, your incisions will likely be red and irritated and you may notice swelling, discoloration and bruising at the surgical site. All of these effects are normal and should subside within a week or two.

Once all swelling has dissipated and your incisions have healed, you will see an improvement in your expression. The delicate skin around your eyes will appear smooth and elevated, and you should look younger and more well-rested.

The duration of your results will depend on how well you take care of your skin moving forward, but most of our Chicago patients enjoy their improved appearance for many years.

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Eyelid Surgery Chicago

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