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Dr. Kotis takes the time to understand all of your objectives and desires and assists you in determining the ideal procedure to achieve your aesthetic goal. Our objective is to assist you to choose the right plastic surgery procedure, which will strengthen the beauty that radiates from you internally. We’re equipped with the knowledge, training, and experience necessary to properly help you. Explore our practice website to understand the procedures that we offer. You can also opt to call us to set up a one-on-one cosmetic surgery consultation. Our priority with plastic surgery is to help our patients greatly

If you’d like to improve your looks, modern cosmetic surgeries can help you in many ways. Our clinic concentrates on making our patients feel 100 percent happy with their results. We do everything we can to see to it that our patients make sound and educated decisions and attain the outcomes they desire. We aim to provide our patients with a supportive, safe, and nurturing environment.

Our Goal

Our top aim is to give all our patients A+ work. Our hard-working and diligent team provides all our patients with detailed information that enables them to do what’s right and appropriate for them.

Dr. Kotis is known for being a highly talented and respected Chicago, Illinois plastic surgeon. He has provided patients with excellent work for many years now. He offers a combination of non-surgical treatments and plastic surgery procedures to patients. He concentrates on giving his patients results that appear both natural and flattering.


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